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Search Engine Optimization is one of the most under-rated and misunderstood marketing tactics used online. It works well only when it the strategies are well-implemented and a help a business gets a firm boost and generates millions of revenue every year. If it is not implemented well, it may result in a loss to the credibility and brand. Digital Ace Studio is one of the leading Digital Marketing Service providers, and we have immense experience in Search Engine Optimization Solutions. Our team of SEO experts ensures best results from their SEO Endeavors. We can help you grow your business exponentially by following just a few simple SEO Tips.

How does Search Engine work?

Before trying to understand what SEO is and how it helps, it is imperative to understand what are Search Engines. These are an extensive database of web pages. When a query is typed into a page, an algorithm is used by the Search Engines for retrieving the closest and the best-suited list of pages as per that query. Another important factor that needs to be understood is the ever-changing algorithms of major Search Engine Pages. A lot of factors is considered in web pages before identifying the relevant pages as per the query. Some of the major factors that are considered while ranking pages are domain age, content length on the page, number of backlinks and their quality on the page and more. There is no hard and fast rule about the exact weightage every factor holds. SEO experts can guess the same by traffic coming to a webpage.