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AssistNinja Review – Virtual Assistant at your finger tips

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Score 92%
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Price: Competitive 82%

Outsourcing is one way of getting some leeway from your busy schedule or ongoing major projects. As most of us have day jobs to run, outsourcing for your business can be an advantage and release a bit of stress from our busy life. 

There are many online companies that deals with outsourcing virtual assistants. You have to choose  the best one that suits you and sometimes, it can be frustrating selecting the right VA to mend your daily task. 

Going through several VA companies online, we got to know a company, AssistNinja that specialize in finding the ideal Filipino virtual assistants for entrepreneurs and small business owners. 

For this review, we will discuss why AssistNinja is a good choice whether you are looking for full or part time virtual assistants to take care of your online business or internet marketing.

Assist Ninja is owned and operated by Cody McLain, a well-known online entrepreneur who founded 3 multi-million dollar companies and currently run a support company that employs over 400 staff. IF you want to know more about Cody, you may drop by his website,

The company basically target customers from small businesses and entrepreneurs across the US but also works with clients all over the world. AssistNinja works caters primarily to Filipino online virtual assistants for their clients based on their specific needs. 

The company’s claims that they specifically pre-screen the candidates most suited for their clients requirements, thereafter let their client hire the suitable VA and pay them directly. With this, it allows you to create a personal relationship with the virtual assistant and with your ideas and knowledge, both client and VA can experience in good working relationship and understanding. 

AssistNinja approach is a slightly different than other companies offering virtual assistant services whereby users are just paying companies to act as a middle-man and VA’s they hire remotely tend to be non-existance and non-productive.

How AssistNinja Work

The process is simple. When user sign up, they will have to fill out a short survey. The survey is then be used to get the specific interest to narrow down the list of candidates. 

Clients will wait up to 12 days and thereafter, they will received resumes and test results for 3 Virtual Assistants. The client will carry out the interviews with the VAs and hire the most suitable one. 

Once the VAs been alloted, AssistNinja will handover the full responsibility to the client. As such, responsibility for the contract, managing the VA, salary, and so on, are the now under the client pervue. 

While other companies seek virtual assistant through application and thereafter, takes a part of their payment after their clients hire them, AssistNinja has a slightly different approach. This aprroach will gives flexibility for clients to negotiate payment, work duration and other resource matter. 

The screening and interviews are an important process to avoid any mishaps when the tasks are not carried out as planned. So, client have to be very selective during the interviews and process screening.

Price: Subscription and Plans

There is a one time fee of $399 (after promo code). Thereafter,  you will need to complete a survey and AssistNinja will start the sourcing process.

AssistNinja will then present you with 3 virtual assistants that meets your requirements to choose from in around 12 days.

Services provided for sourcing VA depends on the clients need as follows.

  • Virtual Assistant tasks
  • Content Creation 
  • Article / Blog Writing
  • Graphic Designer
  • SEO / Digital Marketing
  • WordPress Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing

Our final thoughts

Patience is the key to selecting a VA. It takes a while for VAs to adjust to your schedule and workload. 

The first few tasks that you give to the VA should be managed carefully so that they get a feel of how you want things to be done. Give your VA sometime to get used to the routines and how each task is carried out and thereafter, it will be a routine for you. 

Having to employ a suitable VAs to handle tasks such as research content creation, web designing, SEO and others should not be an issue and you should be able to do it while doing your day job. The job of AssistNinja is to source for the right  VA for you and with the one-time cost of $399, it is a good investment.

There are many choices when looking for Filipino virtual assistants with similiarities with AssistNinja. Our top product recommendation are as follows. You may read our reviews before making a decision.

Both products price range are affordable and you get access to their database of candidates. However, you have to do your own screening and interviews.

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