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Jungle Scout Market
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I come across a new platform of freelancers. This freelancers marketplace is pretty new and solely to serve for Amazon FBA sellers. It is owned by Greg Mercer, who also started the Jungle Scout in the first place. Jungle Scout is an online tool for Amazon FBA sellers to research profitable products selling on Amazon.

Fast forward so he takes the opportunity to create Jungle Market that will benefit Amazon FBA sellers. So in this Jungle Scout Market Review you will find out is it a good fit to hire their services.

Benefits of the Jungle Market

As an Amazon FBA seller, there are lots of work to be done. It is not as simple to find a low price, product and list it on Amazon for a higher price, then wait and hope to get sales.

The process can be overwhelming if you just started in the business. Even season sellers find it there too much work to follow up all by themselves.

Imagine going to the process of researching products, short list of reliable suppliers, product images, product listing and description. Work doesn’t stop here, there are more to come such as rankings of your products (first page on Amazon), PPC, online marketing.

This is where Jungle Scout able to ease your load of work for you. So you focus on running and expanding your Amazon FBA business.

Description and Features

Jungle Scout Market website make it simple to hire their freelancers. There various types of freelancers with different professional skill that’s ready to serve your business need.

Graphics and Design – Logo design, product packaging design, photoshop editing and more

Photography – Product photography, lifestyle photography and more

Copy and Translation – Listing writing, translating, proofreading, editing and more

Video and Animation – Whiteboard explainers, animated logo, promo video and more

Digital Marketing – Paid advertising, email marketing, listing optimization and more

Amazon Business – Product research, consulting, inspections, sourcing and more

Who is Jungle Market for?

It is pretty straight forward that Jungle Market is created for both Amazon FBA sellers and freelancers with the right skill that can provide professional services.

What I like

The whole marketplace itself idea is pretty cool and have the right agenda. It will benefit for Amazon FBA sellers to ease the load of their work.

The site itself has made it easy to look for the right freelancers with different category.

What I don’t like

There are always people who look for opportunity to squeeze in. There is a sub category for freelancer to list as a web designer. There is a seller sells his services for $690 for a 3 page website. To me, it’s pretty expensive. I don’t think this part of Amazon outsource work.

Our Final Thoughts

It is a great site afterall. Greg Mercer always gives his best to help out Amazon FBA sellers. He always adds value to his work. At a glance for Jungle Scout and Jungle Market you can see what he and his team have done. He always gives out free training and show his work with proof.

If you are looking for freelancer to help out with the business. I do recommend Jungle Market. You can compare individual freelancer with their price, skill and reviews.

Jungle Market Alternative  

As a business owner hiring freelancer should have some alternative and cost saving plan. Here are our recommended freelancer or virtual assistance that you can consider.

One thought on “Jungle Scout Market Review – Growing Your Amazon Business

  1. I’ve used JungleMarket before, as a buyer and seller. This program is way sketchy. They closed a job I was doing without hesitation and refunded a customer after working for them for 6 months. They also randomly took money out of a customers account and paid us one time. They don’t have a phone number from what their customer support says, and when you try to ask for a supervisor they say you’re talking to the supervisor.

    A super sketchy company, stay away if you don’t want to be scammed.

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