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Looking to start Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a good way to earn money online and is an alternative way than affiliate marketing. Aliexpress is an online retail service that has been making waves over the years.

However, if you’ve been into dropshipping before, you know that there’s nothing easy about it. It is similar to Amazon FBA without the hastle of getting a bulk order from suppliers for your new products and getting tied to Amazon and their brand registry. 

In AliDropship, it allows you to import AliExpress products into an your own eCommerce store +and therefore it is easier for you to get started with your dropshipping business with minimal hassle. 

Let’s review Alidropship.

You may noticed it that you are a few steps away from being a dropshipper. 

In the market, there are a few big players such as Shopify,  Oberlo, etc. However, it seems that Alidropship have several options and advantages than Shopify and other dropshipping companies out there. One advantages of AliDropship is it it integrates with WordPress and WooCommerce instead of Shopify. 

You can get hosting and build your own website through AliDropship that connects with your WordPress store and allows you to browse and pick products from AliExpress. Thereafter, the products are automatically sent to your shop with product details including description, title and photos.

There are two options to choose from when you decide to start with AliDropship. 

The first is the custom store, which lets Alidropship do everything for you such as developing your own website on the AliDropship platform. Almost everything is provided for such as hosting and you have 100% ownership of your shop. 

The other alternative is to consider the WordPress plugin. The plugin will integrates well with your WordPress or WooCommerce site and you are good to go with your business. It is a plugin that makes your job easier.

The plugin is price at an affordable one-time payment of $89 and will make your WordPress site into a fully functional online store with dropshipping options. It is as simple to navigate and you can do many interesting things to your website with this plugin. 

Alidropship Plugin can help simplify the process of building and customizing your website. It has been designed for people who don’t have any knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. 

Though the plugins can provide you with a website that looks and functions like AliExpress, you will still have to take a closer look at what both offer to the table.


For Alidropship plugin, it is fairly straightforward, at a one-time payment of $89 which includes includes updates, unlimited products, pricing automation and upgrade for support. 

For a customized dropshipping store on the AliDropship platform, the packages start from $299. This is a one-time fee where the store starts with 50 products. The online store is all created for you with minimal development work at your end.

The other customized plans cost are $499 and $899 respectively. These upgrades have various benefits like promo videos and social media promotional tools for your products .

There is additional hosting fee of $48 per year with AliDropship which includes a free SSL.

Mobile friendly and SEO Optimized Websites

If there is something that both plugin and custom store can deliver with ease is the creation of SEO optimized and mobile-friendly websites.

This means that you don’t have to worry that you are not well-versed on the technical expertise when it comes to coding.

You can guarantee that the website is going to fit the requirements of today’s Google algorithm in making sure that it remains visible through the searches. Moreover, since both options offer wide customization options and themes, you can have the website exactly how you have it in your mind.

Benefits of a Custom Store

Optimized Themes

You can choose from a variety of professionally designed themes. 

All the designs are highly responsive and look great in any browser, device or operating system.

Complete eCommerce solution

Your products and shopping cart will be 100% ready to accept payments.

Your webstore will also include an all-in-one dashboard for your sales, orders, stats and activities and Alidropship will to help you manage your webstore easily and effectively.

100% ownership

You are the full owner of your dropshipping webstore and you’re free to do whatever you like with it.

You can customize it, add or remove pages, edit content or sell the site.

Customer Support

Customer support from AliDropship is provided for free as long as you pay for either Alidropship plugin or purchase a custom website built by AliDropship.

You can get help from various sources such as an email correspondance or several social media pages such as Facebook or Twitter. 

There are also a collection of articles such as improving your store, add-ons, hosting, etc. While some of the articles have videos, you get a clear understanding on the concept and torubleshooting your errors while uploading or inserting your new products. 

AliDropship also offers a community forum to chat with other users which includes and blogs to learn about updates and tips. This can be very helpful for you if you are stuck or new to dropshipping. 

Overall, the online resources are very updated and there is a livechat that will support you. 


Are you ready to be a dropshipper?

Perhaps, at this point, you are in two minds which options best suits for your business. 

Alidropship Custom Store

If you are the one who do not want to get your hands dirty, than it is clear that Alidropship is best suited for you. It is simple, just buy in a one-time fee of $299 or $499 or $899 and get started. Promoting your product is an important and you will need to promote them as much sales funnels as you can. So, you have to make a choice. 

The Alidropship simply gives you more control over what you can do with your online store. Another reason to choose Alidropship is the fact that they offer support for their users.

Since they have a forum where you can interact with other users and even mention some of your concerns, this only means that Alidropship is transparent to what they offer to their customers.

Alidropship Plugin

If you have a WordPress site that is already running and want to start your dropshipping store with that platform, then you can opt for for the AliDropship plugin and install it on WordPress.

This will be better as you are able to stick with your website design and start adding products to the store. Aside from just being a plugin, it even have a Chrome Extension that makes it possible for you to easily get products from Aliexpress and preventing duplications.

There are benefits wherein that you would like to have the Alidropship plugin.

  1. If you really want to save some cash along the way, then it is a good call to just stick to the sub-$50 price of Alidropship plugin.
  2. You can enjoy the variety of Woo themes and extensions by using a WooCommerce version of AliDropship plugin.

Beautifully crafted webstores in AliDropship Custom Store

Check out some live examples of the custom dropshipping stores from AliDropship

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