Virtual Assistant Talent Review: Top VA’s from the Philippines

One of the popular ways of dealing with excessive and daunting administrative work is by simply hiring an assistant. While hiring an actual assistant in person to work in an actual office may seem to face many challenges, having to hire a virtual assistant perfectly fixes the problem. With a virtual assistant, there is no need to worry about any workplace and the business owner is able to save more on the labor fees. Unfortunately, however, not all VA service providers are equipped with the right qualification which a client may be looking for. Furthermore, since this industry is an ever increasing industry that is slowly gaining popularity, it is also a breeding ground for many fraudsters and those who are looking to execute scams and any fraudulent activities. The good thing, however, is that there are still those providers that are reliable as well as well-trusted by both assistants and clients – this is Virtual Assistant Talent. In this article, we will share with you all the details you need to know about this website and why it is a better choice for VA service provider.

About Virtual Assistant Talent

Virtual Assistant Talent is among the popular VA websites that are based in the Philippines. Since it is located in the country, the majority of the workforce is Filipinos. The Philippines is among the fast-growing countries in Asia in the field of computer technology and in the virtual assistance industry. Started in 2010, Virtual Assistant Talent has been constantly improving its system and be constantly collecting the best of the best assistants to join their team. This company is founded by John Davern who is also an online entrepreneur and a real estate business enthusiast. Having to work in the field of real estate wherein it required a lot of administrative tasks, he often had the need to hire a virtual assistant to take some work off his hands. Having to experience the quality and the convenience of hiring a virtual assistant from the Philippines, he then made a decision to build up his own VA Company thus the birth of Virtual Assistant Talent.

Virtual Assistant Talent allows for reduction of work load and works time in the office. It is primarily focused on providing the general type of administrative services such as customer support, marketing, image and audio editing, data entry, bookkeeping, accounting, website management, social media marketing and account management, email handling, and many others.

It aims to provide competitive VA services which have the highest quality and accuracy as possible which is on par with VA websites that impose higher fees and rates.

What to expect at Virtual Assistant Talent

Virtual Assistant Talent makes use of subscription set up for each of their users. Prior to getting the ideal VA that is right for a project, the project should provide essential details about the job that is available along with the details of the tasks. As soon as the client forwards the posting to the website, he or she is immediately provided with at least 3 best choices of VA’s that matches the job requirements. Each of the assistants will be ensured of having all the credentials that are required by the client. All assistants that work with the website are all carefully screened until only the most proficient as well as well-skilled candidates remain. Each of these assistants has their own field of expertise and prior to their hire is a series of stringent interviews, tests, and assessments to ensure that they are fully equipped to work as an assistant.

Regarding the rates, their fees and rates are very much competitive. Since the company is located in the Philippine with a much lower labor fee compared to other countries, each order is a lot cheaper than most VA service providers. The rates can go as low as $4 to $6 an hour depending on the experience and the proficiency of the assistant. Of course, there are also other factors involved when considering the price such as the amount of work involved, the due dates, and the level of experience or proficiency of the assistant to use certain software or program, and many others. Nevertheless, each rate will still be flexible depending on the client and the assistants’ agreement.

Also, all work that is involved when working with the website and a VA will be tracked by the website tracking system. This system constantly takes pictures on the screen of the VA at an interval to ensure that he or she is working on a project and to ensure that what they are doing is in line with the task involved. This tracking system allows for monitoring of the logged hours, information on the software and programs used, the location of the assistant, and much other important information.

Why choose Virtual Assistant Talent

One good reason to stick to Virtual Assistant Talent is that they have no obligation contract. This means you won’t get tied up with fees for your projects or on your account. There will be no monthly or annual fees involved when working on the website. Although there is a monthly subscription, it is only to cover account maintenance and to further improve the website experience. Likewise, the subscriptions are also flexible towards a client and each subscription package can be customized to suit their requirements.

Also, not many VA websites are accredited by BBB or Better Business Bureau which rates websites according to their effectiveness in helping businesses grow. Virtual Assistant Talent received accreditation from BBB in 2010 and has since been well-known and trusted to provide excellent and reliable VA services.

In addition, not many clients can choose the ideal or perfect VA that can perform their tasks. Many clients make a hire by mistake. With this, the website offers a VA replacement guarantee which allows them to change their VA’s when they are unhappy or unimpressed with their current VA.

Our final thoughts

Compared to other websites, this website is much more capable and has the proof to show it. While it is accredited by BBB, it is also among the leading VA providers that are trusted and recommended by many business owners because of their dedicated HR team and customer support representatives. While working on the website, the client can receive constant updates on a project and can always have someone to talk to regarding a project by contacting the customer support team that is available 24/7.

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