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Agents of Value Review:  VA for Value

If you’re looking for a way to get your hands off of some administrative work without having to spend much then hiring a VA is your best step to take. Not only is hiring a VA much budget-friendly than making a direct hire and letting the assistant work in an actual office, a VA is also much more manageable and the VA can work on the tasks and projects while you work on others and even while you sleep. Among the leading VA websites today is the Agents of Value and in this article, we will discuss as to why it is the best and why you should start working with it.

About Agents of Value

Agents of Value has been among the longest running VA website that is still available and has accumulated a good amount of reviews through the years. Started in 2004, this website is based in the Philippines having the locals as the majority of its work force. It has branches scattered over the country which allows them to extract the best VA’s out of every region. With the Philippines as a growing country, the labor rates are pretty much convenient which is highly beneficial for investors looking to work with the country.

This website is focused mainly on helping the business grow and increase profits. It integrates the best virtual staffing interface and services such as project management, general administrative works, marketing, website management, image editing, audio editing, bookkeeping, and the general types of virtual assistant tasks. The majority of the labor force for this website is Filipinos however also employs other nationalities to deal with other language-sensitive projects. Also, each assistant is guaranteed to have undergone a stringent employee screening process. Each of the aspiring assistants will undergo a series of tests and assessments prior to getting hired. They will also have to prove their proficiency in using certain software and programs and should also be well-educated as well as have accumulated a good amount of experience in the field of administrative work.

All assistants working in the website are English proficient and knowledgeable of the basic applications and systems required for modern businesses. All the assistants are also working in a single office wherein they are all managed and monitored to ensure that they are working on the project with quality and accuracy in mind.

How it works

Basically, the way Agents of Value works is that a client simply forwards an inquiry to initiate a project and VA search with the company. Prior to finding the ideal VA to provide a client with, the client should provide all the details possible for a job order. the more detailed the client will be with regard to the posting, the better chances that he or she will get the perfect VA to suit their needs. Among the details that should be included when creating a posting include the kind of project that seeks the necessity of an assistant, the level of proficiency required to use certain software or programs if any, the desired amount of experience or educational background, the estimated time to complete the project, the budget, the amount of work, and other essential details. Again, the more detailed the client will be in creating a posting, the better chances will be to have the ideal VA.

The website also has a free consultation that allows clients to know what they are looking at with regard to the rates as well as the processes involved for a specific task while working with the VA’s from the website.

With regard to the prices involved, Agents of Value has a much affordable rate compared to popular VA websites today. Per month, clients can avail of $675 to $1500 service fees depending on a load of work involved as well as the level of proficiency of the assistant. Clients should bear in mind that when hiring an assistant from the company, they should expect a higher rate for experienced assistants for they have faster production than the general VA’s on the site. Nevertheless, each assistant ensures quality and accuracy in everything they do.

Also, the rates are flexible depending on certain criteria coming from the client. Among the factors that could influence the reduction of the rates to include the load of work involved, deadlines, and level of proficiency that is required.

What makes it better than others

One considerable advantage of opting for Agents of Value for any VA needs is that they have their very own tracking software or program. This program is called AgentGuardian and with it, clients are able to track the progress of a project. Using this software, clients will be able to obtain screenshots of the assistant’s screen as he or she works. With it, the client can monitor if a process is properly undertaken and thus reduces the chances of errors and mistakes and also eliminates the instances of revisions after the project has been finished.

One selling point of Agents of Value is their tech capability. With their highly skilled assistants that are well-proficient and knowledge of today’s systems, modern techniques and practices ensure that each production and result is of the highest quality and accuracy. Among the commonly inquired projects and tasks to this website include website management, cloud application development, mobile application solutions, the basic to the complex application management solutions, and many others.

Our final thoughts

Agents of Value is indeed a great VA website to consider for the reason that it gives clients a free consultation prior to initiating any contract or project. Also, the rates are much more manageable than its popular competitions and the rates as well as fees are even flexible and can be reduced depending on certain factors. Lastly, having to track the progress of a project or task is quite difficult when relying on email or messenger alone. With the AgentGuardian program of Agents of Value, clients can fully monitor and track the progress of a project and can ensure that there are no third parties involved when working with the assistant. This tracker also lets the client know other important information such as the hours logged by the assistant, the total charge per number of hours, screenshots of the assistant’s screen, and much other important information.



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