Rapidworkers Review: Get Things Done Fast

Working through the computer and the internet has never been as easy as it was before. While the internet then had limited functions and capabilities, recent improvements and advancements made it possible to manage a business effectively despite the amount of work involved and the required number of workers to finish a project or a task. This advancement in the work industry is also called online freelancing. It enables to work from home and allows clients, businessmen, and entrepreneurs to manage their business anytime and anywhere. Among the best freelancing websites, there is today is Rapidworkers.com and we’re here to talk about the perks as well as the advantages of choosing to work with this company than others.

About Rapidworkers

Rapidworkers is a freelancing website that provides VA services to business owners and managers. It is composed of a team that caters to all the needs of a business in its administrative and management department. It has a collection of well-seasoned and experienced assistants to help increase sales, productivity, visibility and even profit for a company. The website made its debut in 2009 and has since been providing reliable and unmatched VA services to clients of any kind niche. Also since then, its team of staff has grown from a few dozens to hundreds in order to provide fast as well as top quality assistant services.

Rapidworkers is a primary provider of assistant to cater to services such as website promotion and marketing, social media account management and marketing, basic to intensive research, market planning, data entry, content creation and management, website management, image editing, audio editing, and many others. Basically, this website can provide services to almost anything that requires the need for a computer.

Of course, while it benefits clients and business owners, it also provides great opportunities for assistants and online freelancers. Any aspiring VA can send their resume and application to the website and undergo the screening process. The only challenge, however, is that although the website pretty much welcomes all applicants, the applicant should display their experience and proficiency through a series of tests, background checks interviews. With this, we can say that the website has stringent criteria when it comes to selecting their VA’s. Thus it is also safe to say that the website only provides expert services and that all performances from their assistants are of the best quality.

How it works

First of all, Rapidworkers doesn’t require any kind of payment or membership fee. Anyone is free to join in the website. There are two kinds of people who are using this website – one is the client or the business owner and the other is the worker or the assistant.

For a client or a business owner to start using the services of the website, he or she should first create an account and fill out all the necessary details to establish a good working profile. Along with the details required in a profile include the payment options which will be used to pay the assistant or the freelancer.  As soon as the account is established, the client can then create a posting on the website and provide details for the said opening or job position. The website is made out of thousands of available assistants with varying skill sets and proficiency in different programs and software. This is the reason why the client should be specific or as detailed as possible when creating posting or opening for their desired assistant. Each posting should come with the required program or software the assistant should be knowledgeable of, the desired experience and background of their assistant, the due date for the project, the allotted budget, availability of the assistant, and many others. The client is to provide as many details about the project as much as possible in order to screen down the ideal assistant for the job.

As for aspiring assistants as mentioned earlier, they will have to submit their application to a specific posting and undergo a series of tests and interviews which the client will be requiring. As they create their own profile, they are able to establish their own profile details along with their expected rate per hour.

As for the rates, the client will have to refer to the rates posted on the individual profiles of the assistants. One of the perks for assistants is that they can simply post their price or rate on their profile. With this, the client can simply check the profile and refer to their rates. The profile would also help them ascertain the skills as well as the proficiency of the assistant in handling a specific task or project. In the profile, clients will also be able to know their experience and background as well as the feedback from other clients.

For questions and inquiries, both clients and freelancers can simply contact the customer support of the website which is available 24/7. The website also provides a sign-up bonus of $1 for each new member who joins in the website.

Our final thoughts

Not many websites today provide fast and high-quality services as Rapidworkers.com. also, while it provides convenience to client and business owners, it also provides the same benefits to assistants and aspiring online freelancers. The website also has many perks such as the fast project initiation wherein a project can get started right away on the day of posting for the position. And there are no hidden fees and charges involved. All the client has to worry about when it comes to the price is the rate of the assistant. Any fees that come after that will then be deducted from the total payment toward the assistant.

Also, the website has a considerably lower service fee compared to most VA websites today. Rapidworkers only impose fees that are as low as $1 to $4 per hour for every assistant. While providing a convenient cost of VA services, they still ensure that all services are of top quality and are done in the best and most effective way possible that is convenient for both the freelancer or assistant and the client.

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  1. Love this article outlining what Rapid Workers is all about. I never really looked at it from a legit micro jobs standpoint because so many of the jobs pay so low. I would feel much more comfortable finding stuff on Fiverr or Upwork as you mentioned to find gigs. But i do admit, when I was on the site, seeing the jobs about giving amazon ratings opened my eyes to how many of those ratings are false and not close to being true! Anways, thanks for the article, look forward to ore of your work!

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