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YourVirtualAssistants Review: Top Quality Assistants

Score 78%
VA Skillset
Score 76%
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Score: Affordable 78%

Getting a virtual assistant to help you with your office tasks and projects is both an efficient as well as the cost-efficient idea. This is for the reason that you get to have results fast and you don’t have to train your workers when performing a specific task.

Also, since you don’t need a physical office and a set of resources where your assistant would work, you get to save much on your money and time. Despite the advantages however of hiring a VA, it comes with a challenge with regard to the hiring process.

Though there are a lot of VA service providers out there, not all are legit and some may even be providing low-quality VA service. 

Fortunately, however, there are a few VA websites that have a proven track record or reliability and excellent quality – among those trusted VA websites is YourVirtualAssistants.net.

If you’re looking for a set of virtual assistants who are well-skilled and certified then you may want to look into hiring at YourVirtualAssistants.net.

About YourVirtualAssistants

YourVirtualAssistants is among the newest VA websites which have already established a name in the industry. 

It began its venture in the virtual assistance market in the later months of 2010, having 2 market specialists and entrepreneurs as owners. 

This company is a bilingual technical virtual assistant company which commonly handles marketing over social media and over the internet as well as management for any kind of business. 

Although it is a new company, its workforce and management are well equipped with more than 3 decades of experience in handling general administrative tasks, online marketing, social media marketing, and almost any task and jobs that make use of a computer. 

Back then, they only started with a handful of workers however through the years have accumulated dozens of expert VA’s coming from all across the globe. 

The husband of the owner who is also a well-experienced graphic and web designer also joined the management team which now enabled them to tackle web and graphic design projects.

Aside from the services mentioned earlier, the company also makes available the general and miscellaneous admin services to clients. 

Among the other services include video editing, audio editing, email marketing, animated video creation, blog management and posting, sales page design, website maintenance and creation, general administrative tasks, data entry, research, and so much more.

In the website, clients will be able to refer to testimonials which stand as a review from previous clients. 

In these testimonials, readers can gauge how the company performance and which tasks and projects are generally inquired about them. This would also let clients know that the company is legit and does not provide low-quality services. 

At the same time, clients and website visitors can also refer to some of the work samples posted on the samples page of the website. Among the samples provided here include opt-in pages, sales pages, speaker sheets, social media banners, miscellaneous graphics and so much more. 

By having a sample posted on the website, the client can have an idea of how the website performs their job and the quality of their work. This would also give the client an idea of their design and layout for their product, business or website.

How it works

Getting started with YourVirtualAssistants is basically easy and quick if you’re looking to hire your ideal VA from the website. All you have to do is send a message through the message tab in the website or you can also book a call to one of their customer support representatives. 

Whenever making a call or making an inquiry through email or message, it is best to be as detailed as possible with your inquiry and the specifics of your posting or hiring. 

Among the details that you can mention in your inquiry include the particular budget for the project, the working hours for your VA, the proficiency of the VA toward using a specific software or program, the scope of knowledge and skills of the VA, level of English, experience for a given task, and others. 

If you’re looking to hire the best VA suited for your project or task then you should be as detailed as possible since there are a lot of possible VA’s suited for a certain project.

The client will then get a reply immediately within the day regarding the inquiry which will be followed by further interviews, questions, and calls in order to schedule an appointment for the booking. 

As soon as the details for the posting or hiring is verified and confirmed by the website, they immediately present the client with the top options of VA’s and the best processes as well as procedures to consider in order to satisfy their needs and budget.

As clients go through their inquiries with the website, they can also refer to the free article resources provided on the website. 

In these articles, they can find helpful tips for managing their website and their business. 

These articles are actually quite handy considering that they have beefy content that is essential for any marketer. While others charge for such information on the internet, the company comfortably provides it as free information to readers and clients.

Our final thoughts

That first considerable thing to notice about YourVirtualAssistants is that they provide high-quality services and information. 

These things alone should cost a lot when sought after from other websites however they provide it for free. Also, the projects and tasks are manageable by the client as they progress or during the process. 

The client can closely monitor the progress of the project anytime and anywhere.

In addition, not many websites get back to their clients after a project is finished. The website assists clients all the way from start to finish and even provides a follow-up for any finished work. 

Of course, if a client is not happy with a project then the website will easily replace, make necessary corrections or revisions and any alterations to suit the needs and requirements of the client. 

Not many websites can offer such service and with this, we can say that YourVirtualAssistants is a top quality VA website.

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