Virtual Assistants Today Review: Assistants at Their Best

Virtual assistants are among the world’s most efficient administrative task managers – they provide inexpensive administrative services and they are able to work at a certain project or task anytime and anywhere. Despite its usefulness and importance in managing a business or a project, however, they can be really hard to find because of the considerable amount of VA service provider options available in the market. Also, while some may have a good reputation and may provide a good quality of service, they’re not really that cost-efficient and can hurt much on the budget through the recurring subscription fees. So to help you make the best decision on which company to stick with whenever looking for a virtual assistant, we’ll share with you our best bet which is Virtual Assistants Today.

About Virtual Assistants Today

Among the youngest but among the most popular virtual assistant websites is Virtual Assistants Today. It started out in 2016 and is based in San Francisco, CA with the majority of their team coming from the US. Although this company is based in the US and all the labor force are US-based, they tackle and handle projects coming from companies across the globe regardless of the language used in a project. All assistants are verified and carefully screened to have the skills and knowledge to perform specific administrative tasks. Apart from the English language, assistants are also knowledgeable of other languages such as Spanish, French, German, and many others.

It is a subsidiary of Jonajo Consulting which is a popular Technology, Design, and Management consulting and is being managed by Kristian Widaja. Kristian is an entrepreneur from Silicon Valley with a degree in Computer Science from Stanford University. Having understood the necessity of virtual assistance to manage a business and to help out fellow entrepreneurs, he came up with the idea of supplying assistants himself.

A great thing about this virtual assistant company is that it promotes interviews and tests among clients and their assistants. They allow the clients to assess and gauge the skills and proficiency of their assistants prior to hiring them. By doing so, they are able to ensure the satisfaction of the client and that they are getting the assistant that matches their requirements and needs. Also, the client can contact a manager directly and have them find their assistants for them. The advantage of assigning the hiring process to a manager is that the manager is well-equipped with the knowledge and experience when dealing with assistants. They are able to know the best options since they are also aware of the performance of each assistant. From the performance or record of the assistant, they can make a conclusion about who to hire.

In addition to completing a project successfully, this company also aims to build a good working relationship with its clients. With each project, Virtual Assistants Today always make sure that they are giving what their clients need and always make sure that they are well taken care of through the entire process in order to keep them coming back and to build loyalty among clients. The company simply doesn’t want profits, they also want to establish a trusted and reliable name in the field of Virtual Assistance.

How it works

Getting started to work with Virtual Assistants Today is basically upfront and easy. All you have to do is choose the best plan or package that matches your needs and budget. Among the plans that you can avail whenever looking for an assistant for your administrative needs include a basic plan which costs $49.99 a month, the professional package which costs 114.99 per month, and complete package that costs 239.99 monthly. All of which have their corresponding available number of working hours for the assistant, phone calls, and time tracking. When choosing which package suits your needs, it is best to consider the amount of time that is required for your project. If you’re looking to have your assistant work for more hours or work on bigger load then the bigger plans are much of a better choice. Also, the bigger package or plan you avail, the bigger discounts and features you’ll get.

Once you have decided on the package that you want, you can then message the specifics of your project or task. When creating a posting, you need to be as specific as possible with regards to the details of the project or task. Among the things that you can include in your posting or inquiry is the quantity or amount of work involved, the software as well as the systems to be used, the level of proficiency that you want out of your assistant, the language used by the assistant, the level of experience, the time availability for work, and so much more. The more specific you go with your post, the better chances to find the ideal assistant that matches your needs.

Among the services that can be inquired in the website include general administrative tasks, handling calls, calendar and email handling, website management, website creation and maintenance, customer support, data entry and research, sales assistance, generating leads, and many others. Along with these services, they also provide tools and systems to help clients manage their assistants easily and without using other programs. One popular tool that is used in the website is the time tracking tool which allows the client to continuously monitor the progress of a project by taking screenshots of the assistant’s screen as he or she works. The tracker not only providers screenshots, it also provides information on the level of activity of a project, the location, time, and other essential information to make working with an assistant more efficient.

Our final thoughts

Compared to other alternatives, we have found out that Virtual Assistants Today has a much cheaper service fee and does not impose additional charges to clients. Also, not many VA websites today provide their own tracker which allows clients to freely manage their assistants without intervention from the website or from anyone else.




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