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A good and reliable virtual assistant is hard to come by these days. Although there are certainly a lot of them to find online, not every single assistant will be equipped with the knowledge and expertise which the client is looking for. 

Furthermore, with the many numbers of available assistants online, not everyone is really legit and it is difficult to tell which ones are legit and which ones are performing fraud or scams. The good thing, however, is that it is possible to avoid any mistakes and scams whenever looking for an assistant online. 

The only important thing to bear in mind is to focus on reputable as well as well-experienced VA service providers. Among these reputable VA service providers is Belay. In this article, we will share with you some specifics as to why Belay is one VA website that you can count on and why it is better than its competitions.

About Belay

Belay or is all about virtual assistance. The only difference among its competitions is that it only employs US-based assistants that provide VA services that are top-notch using the most modern technology and systems possible for the industry of admin and virtual assistance. 

US is among the most popular countries which provide the best quality of VA service simply because of their impressive resources and the experience as well as skills of their assistants.

The company started in 2010 with only a handful of assistants working with the company. However, through the years, Belay has been constantly increasing its labor force as well as its reputation. 

At first, it only focused on specific states within the US because of their small number, however, have begun to entertain clients from anywhere across the globe as the years go by. 

Regardless of the language barrier, Belay is able to take on any kind of projects since they are proficient not only in the English language but also in other languages. This is for the reason that as the years go by Belay has also employed other assistants that are proficient in other languages nevertheless are US-based and are still well-equipped with the English language.

Regarding its name, it actually was formed out of the intervention of various business support companies that are working with the company. 

From the support of these companies, it was agreed to name the company Belay which means support as it climbs. This means the company was being supported by the various companies as it surges through the heights of the VA industry. 

Its founder Bryan Miles is a well-known entrepreneur who has experienced first-hand the importance of a VA in managing a business or a company. This is the reason why he has decided to focus on providing such services to business owners and companies.

Prior to getting hired to work with this company, the applicant should show the desired requirements which include English-proficiency, knowledge, and skills in using the most modern tools and platforms in the field of administrative assistance, and of course, should be based in the US. 

Prior to being a part of the Belay team, the applicant will still have to undergo a series of tests, interviews as well as background checks in order to ensure client-safety and quality of work. Not only is belay known for the quality of their work but also for the strict requirements that they impose to their applicants.

What to expect from Belay

Whenever looking to hire a VA at Belaysolutions, it is important that you first consider a few things. Among these things is that they don’t accommodate just any kind of VA task. 

Among the VA tasks can only be inquired in the website run along the lines of general admin support, article writing and content marketing, website maintenance, and virtual bookkeeping. 

Despite the short range of available tasks, however, the website can also consider performing other projects provided that it is relative to the line of skills, programs, and tools that are being used by the assistants.

Whenever looking to hire a VA for the general admin tasks, clients can choose from a variety of projects to assign to their VA’s. 

The great advantage of working with Belay for any admin support tasks is that the assistants are very well-equipped not only with the knowledge but also with the tools and the required programs or systems in order to perform certain tasks. 

Also, provided that the assistants are well-trained, clients can expect not only the highest quality available for every work but also the best speed and processing time possible.

Creating content, on the other hand, will require specific details about the topic or subject. The client should also provide other details and requirements for the content such as the template, minimum or maximum word count, keyword specifics, layout, and many others. 

Whenever an article is submitted, the client can further check for revisions and corrections and can let their VA’s do the changes without charge. The same with bookkeeping as well as website maintenance, the client should provide all specifics regarding a project and can also request for changes and revisions whenever needed.

Probably the only main difference from other VA websites is the rate. Compared to other websites, Belay requires a fixed price per project. 

While others pay by the hour, it can open doors to frauds as well as scams as the VA uses the hours but is actually not working on a given project. Using a fixed price, however, ensures that the worker is performing his or her job. 

Although the rates for Belay admin services are quite a bit costly than its competitions, it guarantees zero flaws as well as the satisfaction that is guaranteed since the client can request for alterations and changes for a result whenever they like.

Our final thoughts

Indeed VA’s are the best solution for any unnecessary admin work that you want to take off your hands. However, it is not always best to just hire any VA. 

The best VA would be someone that is well-equipped with skills and tools for these kinds of tasks. 

The VA should also come from a location or country wherein there is a reliable connection as well as a resource for systems, platforms as well as information regarding the online industry as well as the VA industry. 

With this all said, it is best to always opt for BelaySolutions.

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