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Assistant Match Review: Your Professional VAs

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Virtual assistants are among the most sought-after workers in the online industry. This is for the reason that they are equipped with modern internet and computer skills which can quickly adapt, manage, control and monitor any issues, concerns, and dealings related with a computer or with the internet. 

At the same time, they are the ones which businesses and entrepreneurs run to whenever they have too much work on their hands and when they are trying to meet strict deadlines. 

Furthermore, many virtual assistants provide expert and highly efficient as well as accurate services which are highly beneficial for business managers. While they are undeniably essential in managing a business, it is practically difficult to find the ideal VA suited for a specific business since there are simply a ton of VA service providers online and it is quite a challenge to go through them one by one. 

In addition, not all these companies are legit and some may even be providing substandard services which may not only stain the credibility of a company but can also cause legal concerns.

To help you find your ideal VA Company, we’ve already made all the research for you. For this article, we will discuss among the best choices on the internet today when it comes to virtual assistant services – this company is Assistant Match.

About Assistant Match

Among the early starters of the virtual assistant business, Assistant Match launched in the early months of 2007 and established Katie Gutierrez Miller as its sole owner and proprietor. 

The company started with only a handful of virtual assistants which through the years grew to almost hundreds of working staff. Assistant Match is based in the US which currently employs US-based assistants to provide a more local-type of management which allows them to closely and continuously monitor the progress of each of their projects and workers. 

Having to be based in the US also allows them to use the latest and most modern technology as well as techniques, strategies, and skills essential in performing each task. 

A good approach which the owner follows with her workers is that each project is reviewed and verified by the experts and superiors prior to confirming the project. Also, before a project is confirmed, the company makes a careful and very well thought of decision on which assistant the project will be assigned to. 

Each assistant comes with his or her strengths and specific specialty which allows the company to make a quick but efficient decision on who will handle a specific project or task.

Although the company is US-based and hires only from the country, they allow their workers to work remotely or wherever they are convenient – such as in their homes. This allows the workers to manage their time and space conveniently and they are able to work with ease. 

Of course, although they are given this convenience, the company still ensures that quality, as well as accuracy and speed, are not compromised within each project.

A noticeable thing about this company is also its experience. Each of the hundreds of remote assistants who are employed in this company is equipped with the knowledge and skills that are honed from years of experience. 

Prior to hiring a virtual assistant in this company, they should first undergo a series of interviews, tests, and assessments to gauge their level of proficiency and skills. The applicant or candidate should be able to provide a suitable amount of experience along with a portfolio to stand as proof of work.  

At the same time, the client should also be able to display his or her skills through a test or through the assessments. Among the basic requirements for an applicant includes proficiency in English since most of the clients are also US-based thus proficiency in the language is always a must. 

The assistants are also well-skilled in using MS Applications such as excel, word, and PowerPoint. In addition, the assistants are internet-savvy, can work at a specific working hour or deadline, they can handle specific volumes of work and are flexible with the needs of the client.

Among the assistant services covered by the company include Coordination, Website maintenance, business marketing, personal assistance, advanced services (using their partners), data entry and analysis, and many others. 

Whichever the needs and concerns related to the use of a computer, this company is always ready to handle it with their virtual assistants.

Getting started and fees

So how can you get started to work with Assistant Match? It’s actually an easy step when you want to start working with the company. All you have to do is to contact them via their contact page or email them through their email. 

Among the details that you may want to include in your email are the specifics of the project such as the software or programs involved, the quantity or volume of tasks, the level of proficiency desired out of the assistant, deadlines, accounts, programs to be used, and others. 

It is always best to be as specific as possible whenever forwarding inquiries in order to have the best estimates and solutions from the website.

Fees involved depend on the hours and the level of proficiency that is required out of the assistant. As a sample, an assistant would charge as low as $22 an hour for services such as data entry, making phone calls, website management, and other administrative tasks. Each task will be performed under the supervision of the website in order to ensure quality and accuracy.

Our final thoughts

Compared to other companies, this VA Company provides more monitored as well as well-managed virtual assistant services. 

Since the company is also based in the US and are backed by a workforce of US-based assistants, clients are assured that quality, as well as modern techniques and approaches, are incorporated over every work. 

Not only is this company provide an affordable service, they also have flexible bundles and packages for any type of virtual assistant service needs.

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