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There is no denying the importance of working with a virtual assistant to manage a business or to perform an administrative task. 

A VA allows you the convenience of finishing a project while you relax or while you perform other tasks. With a VA, you can also finish tasks with tight schedules or deadlines in time if not ahead of time. 

The best part is that hiring a VA is much cost-effective than making an actual hire for an assistant or secretary to work from an office. So which VA service provider works with?

 For this, we can give a straightforward answer – VATalks. Here’s why.

About VATalks

VATalks is among the youngest running virtual assistant website today. 

It started its venture in 2015, however, having to make constant success in providing business owners and entrepreneurs the ideal assistants for their projects and tasks. 

They offer prompt as well as cost-effective solutions for business as well as lifestyle management ventures. Each assistant is carefully handpicked with the website and is all equipped with the general VA skills such as administrative skills, research skills, data analysis and management skills, and other computer skills. 

Adding to these skills, each assistant is also proficient in using specific systems and tools which makes them flexible to perform other tasks aside from general administrative tasks. Each assistant comes with a level of experience and has flexible working hours depending on the client’s preference.

Regardless of the project involved, a VA from VATalks can deliver all the services you need. The range of services includes general administrative tasks such as data entry, email management and handling, social media account management, basic to deep research and others. 

Of course, they also offer the more complex tasks and jobs such as website management, bookkeeping and accounting, website design, image design, mobile app development, and many others. 

Basically, there is no end to the range of services and tasks which the website can offer to a client.

How it works

How VATalks works is very much easy and direct. Prior to hiring an assistant, the client is required to submit an inquiry or request via email or phone regarding the task involved and their idea of a perfect VA for their company or project. 

Once the inquiry has been received, the website immediately finds the ideal match out of their existing hundreds of VA’s available. The client will be presented with a number of VA candidates to choose from. 

As mentioned earlier, although all the assistants have general VA skills, each of them come with specific expertise and knowledge on using certain tools and systems which could provide an extra leverage for clients should they want their assistants to perform other tasks later on.

Once the ideal candidate has been chosen by the client, the website will initiate an appointment to talk about the terms and agreements involved in the process. 

Each assistant will come with a specific rate and working hours however the client will be able to decide the most comfortable working hours to work with and the clients are able to negotiate with the prices.

For first time users, the website offers a free trial service of 2 hours for 2 days having 24/7 support. With this free trial, the client can immediately determine if the service is beneficial for his or her business and what package or plan should be availed. 

Package includes plans that are dependent per hour. They have 10, 20, 30, 50, and 80 hour-plans which have their specific pricing and benefits. 

As the hours are increased in these plans, the client’s gets access to better deals and more available features. The best thing about any of these packages is that the client can have a 24/7 support in the duration of the project. 

This means the client can immediately get answers whenever they have questions about a project or whenever they need something done, changed or revised immediately.  

Also, if the client wishes to work with the assistant for longer periods such as months or days for a given project, then they can also set up a full time assistance plans which lets them work with their assistant for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, and 22 days in a month – just like a regular employer that is working in an actual office.

The only difference between working with a VA and an actual office worker is that there are much lesser fees and resources involved.

Our final thoughts

So why do you have to go to VATalks whenever you’re looking for a VA? 

It’s basically simple. First is that you can try their services prior to starting working with them. With the trial package, you can immediately determine if their services are really what you need and you can also gauge the level of proficiency of their assistants. 

Many clients complain about their assistants not having the right skills and knowledge when performing certain tasks which lead to inefficiency and discrepancies during the work. The ability to test our your assistant before working a contract with them and spending money is already a great advantage among other companies that offer the same services.

The huge range of packages available also lets you make an easier decision based on your budget, the amount of work involved and the level of expertise that you want out of your assistant. If you’re looking for a quick and easy task to be done then you can simply opt for the basic package. 

However, if you want your assistant to work on bigger projects, you can simply opt for the full-time assistant plan which gives you access to the best deal in all the packages available and lets you gives you more time to work with your assistant.

Lastly, a 27/7 customer support out of VA websites is hard to find. Although administrative tasks are easy and straightforward, these require a good amount of accuracy and attention to detail. 

Although the assistants are guaranteed to display these skills, there are still chances of mistakes and errors which require immediate response and attention. 

The 24/7 support allows the client to immediately correct these wrongs and allows their assistants to respond immediately without delay. With this, any venture will move quickly and smoothly.

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