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The BPO industry has been among the most flourishing businesses across the globe. The best part about this industry is that it never ceases to exist – while people need services, the BPO industry will continue to exist. 

However, the increase in the demand for BPO services also increased the number of providers in the market that it makes it hard for a client to choose which company to work with. 

Furthermore, while there are a lot of BPO companies to choose from, not all of them are legit and guaranteed to provide the right services which a client needs. Fortunately though, there is one company that stands among others and has a solid background with regard to quality BPO service – and this is VMGBPO. 

In this article, we will share a few details about VMGBPO and why it is an essential choice for any BPO venture.


VMGBPO is a popular company in the BPO industry and is based in San Francisco and Bangalore, India. With two separate offices across the globe, the company is able to gather both clients and workers from the best parts of the globe – mainly U.S. and India. The company has proved to be among the most experienced BPO companies as it has been serving its clients since 2005.

The company has been constantly providing unmatched BPO services to clients through a team of experts. The work staff is composed of experts that are graduates in their own specific fields. 

Each of these workers comes with skills and expertise that are at par with any executive level secretary or assistant. A minimum requirement for these workers include having a diploma, at least 5 years of experience in the BPO industry, is proficient in English since this language is the commonly used language by clients, and of course should have a in-depth knowledge about general computer applications such as MS Office.

Its founder – Kartik Isvarmurti who graduated from Oxford University have ventured in the industry and experienced firsthand the relevance of BPO staff in the business.

Among the popular services which clients sought after include general VA projects, content management projects, SEO ventures, Website marketing and management, graphic design, web development and design, and many others.

While the company is constantly providing services to clients, they also provide opportunities to grow for aspiring BPO experts. Applicants are always welcome to submit their application and resume to the website to be considered for a virtual assistant position. 

Depending on the credentials of the applicant, he or she may be assigned to a full time or part-time position. Furthermore, the applicant has impressive resume, he or she will be given a chance to have a better rate per hour.

Getting started

Getting started as a client is easy when looking to work with VMGBPO. All you need to do is to submit an inquiry or a request through the contact page of the company through their website. 

In the inquiry or request, it is essential that you include all the details about the project which you are looking to fill. You may also want to include the amount of experience or level of proficiency that you want out of your BPO staff. 

Of course, you may also want to include the work load along with the desired number of workers. These details will help the company provide a more precise solution to your request. 

In this stage, you will also be provided with recommendations as to how many people you should hire to reap the best outcome of your project, along with the best packages to consider in order to maximize your staff and your budget.

Upon signing up as a client, you will also be entitled to a huge discount from the start. Early starters immediately get 15 hours of work with their staff with only $90. The best part about it is that it doesn’t expire – you can use it anytime as long as the 15 hours are not yet consumed or used up. Also, you can use them all at once in just one go since the company provides 24/7 customer assistance.

As a regular price, clients are provided with basic package of $200 which amounts to 25 hours of work with an assistant. Compared to its competitors, VMGBPO already beats them when it comes to price since other companies charge almost $15 to $20 for every hour that a staff works with a client. 

Also, each client is provided with 24/7 customer service which enables them to constantly monitor the progress of a project. With this kind of service, they are able to immediately patch any error or mistakes in a project.

Also, each block of hours that you purchase from the website can be used anytime you want and will never expire. Say you ordered a block of 50 hours of work with a VA and you are only able to use up 30 hours in the first weeks and haven’t been able to work after that. 

Although it would take a year of no work, the client will still be able to use up his or her hours even after a long time of being idle.


Probably the most noticeable advantage of working with this website is that they are able to let customers manage the hours which they order or pay for. 

With this, clients can conveniently schedule when their staff will work. Having this ability helps them set a particular time of the day which their VAs should accomplish a particular project. This feature also provides clients a better level of manageability for a certain project.

In addition to this feature, clients are also given a much affordable rate compared to other BPO service providers. Also, while the rates are already affordable, the rates can still be flexible depending on the requirement of the client and depending on the given rate of the assistant.

Lastly, the 24/7 customer support service is a favorite feature in the website because it provides a good level of assurance to the client whenever initiating a project. Whenever an issue arises, the client can always contact the company through live chat or via phone.

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