Mturk: Your On-Demand Developers

With the constant improving technology that we have today, more and more things can conveniently be done through the internet. Many software and systems are now able to provide seamless and fast services to business owners, entrepreneurs and to the general internet user. Unfortunately, building a software or a system is not a walk in the park and requires an in-depth knowledge and set of skills in coding and as well as the latest trends in the internet industry. Thus comes the requirement for people with such capable skills and expertise – when it comes to developing software and systems, one name that is worth considering is MTurk. Here’s why.

About MTurk

The name MTurk is an abbreviation of the Amazon Mechanical Turk which is focused on operating a marketplace which requires human intervention. Many systems and platforms used today are able to effectively provide services continually however cannot make radical decisions and tasks such as choosing from a list of options based on personal criteria such as fashion or look, usability, research particular details, transcribe audio, and many other tasks which the machine cannot do. For such cases wherein there is a need to develop a software utilizing these preferences, clients usually require the services of a developer such as MTurk. MTurk provides developer services to clients however in a more manageable manner.

Ideally, MTurk works to connect clients such as business owners, entrepreneurs and the general user to human workers. There are things that the machine can do however there are also those things that only a real person can do. Such tasks include those that require a particular detail or criteria which cannot be effectively analyzed by machines. Also, a great number of workers began to venture in the online freelancing industry which makes more and more workers to work with for every project. By hiring an online worker, not only can a client reduce cost from making actual hires or from purchasing systems and software, they are also able to cut down the time, and they are able to build a network of staff workers that can easily be gathered anytime there is work.

MTurk is open for 24/7 for inquiries and questions from clients. Whenever clients require people to work on specific tasks, MTurk will always be ready to provide them with the ideal staff that they need for the job. Also, a great thing about working with this company is that clients can get to pay only for what they use. This means, clients don’t have to pay for the remaining hours of the day as soon as the worker has finished the job. The client also doesn’t have to bother about additional fees and other charges.

Working with a real person instead of a machine allows you to talk about the best options and approaches on how to handle a certain project. Not all cases will depend on a single process or procedure – often times you will always have to adapt to changes, to the details available and to specific criteria and preferences. This increases the chances of accuracy and success of the project. With MTurk, clients are also able to request for revisions or corrections for a submitted project without getting any charge.

Among the key services that are usually inquired by clients include image editing or video processing which also covers management of such videos and images over social media websites. A computer or software is unable to determine the best pictures or videos to use for a specific purpose or theme, with MTurk workers, this can be easy and rather convenient.

Data analysis and management is also among the regularly inquired services on the website. Many business owners today require capable people to manage information and data to keep the smooth flow of their business. Machines are unable to identify sensitive flaws in a system and some decisions require judgments based on various criteria. MTurk allows clients to effectively eliminate these machine flaws by employing real workers for the job.

How it works

To get started working with MTurk, the client should first identify their HITs or the Human Intelligence Tasks that they wish to let their assistants work on. In this regard, the client should establish a personal inquiry directly to the website through email, phone and via the request box in the website which can be accessed upon registering an account. The quality of the assistant or the helper will depend on the requirements of the client and the requirements of the job. Among the requirements which clients can use whenever looking for their ideal assistant is their desired experience from their assistant, software to be used, level of expertise, language, gender, age, time of availability, and others. The more details the client can provide, the more precise and accurate their potential assistant will be.

After choosing the best candidate for the project, the client can then perform further tests and interviews to gauge the proficiency of their assistant or helper.

Regarding the rates, all prices are flexible and even negotiable depending on the kind of project which is being requested. Usually projects that require professional skills costs a bit more however when working with the website, clients are able to negotiate about the price for convenience.

Our final thoughts

MTurk is a popular crowdsourcing marketplace not just because of its impressive marketing and promotion but because their reputation simply speaks for itself. They are competing with the leading providers of such services and are actually doing great in that competition. Also, it is owned by Amazon which is among the most trusted and reliable market places on the internet. Credibility is among the important things to find in a website and MTurk definitely has this criteria. Furthermore, clients get to manage their workers freely without third party intervention and any additional chargers while at work. After every project, clients can even review the submitted files and documents and request for revisions and changes should there be a need, without charge.


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