Codementorx: Software Developers for Start Ups

Choosing to become your own boss and manage your own business can be quite difficult and complicated. There are a lot of tasks and planning involved especially with regard to online marketing. Business promotion over the internet can be a hassle with little knowledge and skills and could also lead your business to the wrong side of the road. Thus you will need capable hands such as software developers to help you in this venture. Among the most trusted and reliable names with regard to software developer services is CodementorX. In this article, we will share with you why you need to stick with CodementorX whenever you’re building a website, designing software or simply want to make improvements on your website.

About CodementorX

Among the exclusive stand alone platforms that cater to developers and website builders is CodementorX and is also known for excellent providers for online freelancers for various tasks at a competitive service fee. It started its venture in 2014 and has slowly earned its reputation to be among the trusted and most reliable source for software development services and mentorship – which is where it got its name.

What’s incredibly remarkable about this company is that it is host to more than 300,000 developers while providing the highest quality of service. It also works in partnership with a number of known companies over the internet such as Techstars, Alibaba and 500 Startups.

Modern businesses require up-to-date software and systems that would allow them to effectively manage their services and cater to their clients with ease and without many complications in any process. CodementorX makes use of these advanced techniques and systems that allow any of their platforms to shine brighter than their competitors in their field. CodementorX also ensures that all applications and software designed could last a long time of no or minimum maintenance.

CodementorX can cater to any kind of software development needs from application development and design, system analysis and development, website management and design, website maintenance and management. Whatever the position or the task, as long as it involves coding along with working with complicated technical stuff, CodementorX is the best name to consider.

Software development work does not stop in the creation and building of the software alone. At some point, it will encounter problems and errors due to the ever-updating systems over the internet – attributable to the changing algorithms in Google. CodementorX provides software development services that could guarantee a long lasting maintenance and upkeep for your software.

How it works

Getting started to work with CodementorX is a lot easier than setting up a profile on any social media website or perhaps any website. All you have to do is to create a free account on the sign up page of the website. After setting up an account, you can submit an inquiry or a message about the project which you are looking to complete with the services of a developer. In the details of your inquiry or message, you may want to be as detailed as possible in order to the website to find the best suitable choice for your specific case. This would also allow them to narrow down the choices from their thousands of available developers worldwide. Among the details that are worth mentioning to find your ideal developer include your desired experience out of the developer, the required systems and tools for the project or task, the level of skills desired, availability, and educational background – it also includes personal preferences such as gender, language spoken, and your other requirements as a client.

The website then proceeds to find the ideal candidate for a client and after which presents the best candidates to the client. At first, the client will be forwarded with a number of choices wherein the client will make the final decision which one to work with. Along the way, the client can perform interviews, tests and assessments to further gauge the proficiency of the developer.

Another best thing about CodementorX is that they don’t hire just any developer. They make sure that they provide the highest quality of service as possible and that they ensure that each of their mentors and developers are well-experienced to work with clients remotely. In addition, each staff member of the website also has their own systems and tools to use for any kind of development project.

With regards to pricing, CodementorX works with a prices and rates that are much more convenient to their clients than to themselves. They do not offer a fixed rate since each developer comes with a specific rate per hour which is negotiable depending on the amount of work involved, working hours, and tools needed and other factors. What’s best about this is that the rates are more convenient than other service providers over the internet which comes with a fixed rate along with fees added to the final receipt – so basically there are no other fees whenever working with CodementorX and you can always negotiate about the price of the developer before starting out a project.

Our Final Thoughts:

Another thing that is also worth mentioning about working with CodementorX is that clients get to have a free trial service with their mentor before actually starting a project or a session. With the free trial, clients can immediately determine if the services really fit their demands and requirements and if the particular developer is their ideal choice of developer. Should they choose to replace their developer for particular reasons, they can simply do so without fees – just as long as the project hasn’t been started yet.

Also, not many software development service providers offer clients with flexible prices. The task of software development is a complicated thing and thus requires a good set of expertise and of course a good payment. However, with CodementorX they offer flexibility to their clients and they cater to each of their client’s needs to make their services more personalized to the particular client.

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