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Modern businesses are always paired with a website where people and potential customers are reached. Having online presence also allows a business to promote their business to other places and people and lets them track and monitor their customers, their progress and even their competitions. Having to managing a website on the internet medium however is not an easy task and requires in-depth knowledge regarding online marketing and online business management. Fortunately, there is always a way to help business owners management their businesses without having to spend much and without even having to lift a finger- and that is through web solution services. For this write- up, we will share with you one of the best provider of web solutions – and that is Integrated Web Solutions.

About Integrated Web Solutions

Although the company is still young since it started in 2016, it has already made a considerable amount of progress and people on various review sites are already talking about how reliable they are when it comes web solutions. The company is registered in the Philippines and was founded by Julius Selda and Jelome Selda-Manalu who are siblings. Both owners were professionals in different fields and have only decided to venture in the business after having to work with web solution assistants. Julius is a software architect and Jelome is a social development expert and Math Major as well as Financial Analyst. Having understood the need for VA’s and web solution services in their particular fields, they thought of establishing their own Web solution business.

IWS (Integrated Web Solutions), doesn’t only provide general web solution services and also caters to complex IT and business needs of clients. The company makes use of the most advanced systems and applications to cater to the most-advanced IT and web solution needs of any business regardless of its size or volume. While they are provide clients with their IT and technical needs, they also provide the basic needs of any kind of business such as website management, data entry and management, online marketing, content creation and management, image editing and design, and many others.

How it works

If you’re looking to work with IWS, all you have to do is send an inquiry about your project on their contact page located in the website. As soon as any inquiry is submitted to the site, the managers will immediately respond to the query within 24 hours. Once the contact has been established, the client is then asked for further details of the project. In this regard, it is advisable to be as detailed as possible when providing the project details. Among the details worth mentioning include the volume or amount of work involved, the due dates or time duration for a project, the software or systems required to perform a certain task, the level of proficiency desired out of the assistant, time availability of the workers and clients, and many more. Being as detailed as possible allows the manager to come up with more accurate decisions regarding the best approach for a project. Also, it allows them to find the best match of VA suitable for the project.

Once a project starts, the client will have full access to the files and documents used in the project. The client will also have access to the assistant assigned for the specific project and will be able to assign a specific time or schedule to perform a specific task or for the assistant to work. After signing up for a service with the website, the client will receive constant updates in the whole duration of the project and is also eligible for the 24/7 customer support wherein he or she can initiate contact with the support team standing by.

As for the assistants available, each member of the team is carefully handpicked by the company through strict criteria. One of the basic requirements to be hired as an assistant in IWS is a considerable years of experience in the field, must be proficient in using basic computer applications and systems, must have excellent English (since the majority of the clients are English-speaking), can work with the company for full time, and should be able to provide a portfolio or proof of previous projects and works related to the industry.

Since the company is based in the Philippines, the majority of its working staff is also locals. And when it comes to availing services from the Philippines, rates can be much lower than those coming from other countries. Thus, with the much lower labor costs come the lower service fees. With this, it is evident that the company comes with a much affordable fees than its competitions. With regards to the rates, all numbers are calculated depending on the project or task in question and are also based on the systems or software used, tools and resources. Of course the level of proficiency that is used to perform a certain task also amounts to a certain value. The best thing about all of these however is that the rates are always negotiable and that clients and the company can agree to a certain value that they are both comfortable with before starting a project.

Our final thoughts

Although IWS is quite young compared to other web solution providers over the internet, they already come with a number of accomplished projects which can be seen on their portfolio page in their website. It is also noticeable that the company presents and makes visible their business registration number, permit and all necessary information that verifies the legitimacy of a company. They even have a location map to their office where clients can simply make an inquiry personally.

Lastly, since the company is at its starting stages, we can say that the rates are considerably low compared to its competitions. And with a good bargaining and negotiations regarding the price, clients can actually make a good deal with working with them. If you’re looking for a company to manage your business without having to spend much and without worrying about scams and frauds then IWS is definitely a company to consider.





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