Infinity Web Solutions Review: Web Solutions At Its Finest

Owning a business these days is quite a responsibility. And just like the adage, “with great power comes great responsibility” a business owner is burdened with a lot of things to do. While there are simply a lot of benefits into venturing in online business, one should bear in mind the many obstacles and challenges paired up with this decision. Along with the challenge of building a website and maintaining it, one should also consider marketing, advertising and promoting the business. There are also other tasks involved such as research, data gathering, emailing, responding to potential clients and many more. There are practically endless responsibilities involved in managing a business and without proper knowledge and experience, a business is bound to fail. This is the reason why many people opt for web solution providers over the internet. With web solution providers, the daunting task of managing a website or a page and marketing a business is easy and in fact taken out of your hands. In this article, let’s talk about one of the best providers of such services – and that is Infinity Web Solutions.

About Infinity Web Solutions

Established in the first quarter of 2010, Infinity web solutions is among the most modern web solution providers over the internet. Stationed in the Philippines, the majority of the staff is from the country however they also have workers coming from all across the globe. The best part about working with staff coming from the Philippines is that while they are smart and hardworking, the labor fee is relatively cheap which makes the services much more affordable than its competitions. While the website guarantees fees that are amendable, they also promise high quality services that are at par if not better than competitions having much higher rates.

Although the company is focused on start up business, they also manage to handle large projects provided the project is first assessed and inquired by the client through the consultation and assessment stage of a project. Philippines are among the best providers of assistants that are well-experienced and well-equipped with the knowledge and skills in providing almost any services that are web-based. Filipino assistants are also flexible in the subject of time, volume of work involved along with the tasks and jobs involved in a project. They are also always willing to go the extra mile for a project without having to charge additional fee.

Services offered

Among the key services that make the website popular is the SEO service. SEO is an integral component in marketing and promoting any business over the internet. While anyone can perform SEO for a business, not all can do it effectively. Infinity web solutions hold out to its long years of experience in this regard and ensure that each client is happy with their results. Among the tasks involved in this service include website keyword optimization, meta data management, video marketing, profiling, business listing, linking to directories, and many others.

Content creation and management is also among the usually inquired services by clients. Creating content that can effectively draw the attention of potential customers is essential for a business and should be done with the right techniques and strategies. Content writing services also include press release creation, ebook writing, article spinning and rewriting, reviews creation, forum posting, and many others. These content usually either make or break a business which is why it is important to consult the experts in this regard.

Advertising material creation is likewise another service offered by Infinity web solutions. These services usually cover video production for marketing and promotion; design of logos, cover lay out, design of banners and ads, creating business cards, brochures, and many others.

Of course, web design and development is also a popular service offered by Infinity web solutions. Not all can come up with a website that can guarantee positive yields and not all can create a website that doesn’t require much maintenance. The company provides all that you need when building a website or a page, they can also provide you with maintenance services along with updates, upgrades and redesign ventures. Some of the tasks included in this service include RSS Feed management, Lead generation, image and content management, landing page creation, plugin management, and many more.

Also, social media management services are to be expected at Infinity web solutions. The social media has been a breeding ground for considerable amount of potential customers and it would be such a waste to come with poorly written or created content and ad which people simply ignore. Likewise, there are a lot of options in social media websites which enable great amounts of traffic or views for a business. There are a lot of complicated techniques and strategies when marketing over social media websites and only expert hands know of it – which Infinity web solutions know.

Plans and prices

As we mentioned earlier, since the labor fees are quite low the plans and pricing are also quite comfortable for any budget. The plans start with the starter package which covers $50 for each week and $188 per month charge for 10 hours of work with the assistant per week for 5 days a week. This also enables the client to have a time tracker to monitor daily progress and each day ends with a daily report submitted by the assistant.

Basic package provides 20 hours per week for 5 days for just $90 per week or $348 per month. All perks the same with the starter package however the assistant can work for longer hours thus finishing more tasks and increasing productivity.

If you’re looking for more hours to work with your assistant, you can also choose standard package which allows you to work for 30 hours with your assistant or the business package having 40 hours of work with the assistant. Prices involved are $120 per week or $458 per month and $140 per week or $438 per month respectively.

Our final thoughts

Undoubtedly, Infinity web solutions are among the most affordable provider of web solutions. Another great thing about it is that assistants can be closely monitored by clients and the tracker allows for lesser errors and mistakes when working with a project.


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