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Acelerar Review
Score 82%
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The BPO (Business Process Offshore) industry is among the fastest growing business in today’s market. It simply follows the constant improvement and increase of businesses across the globe. 

While there will be companies and businesses, BPO services will always be required. The only problem however when it comes to BPO services is that although these services are pretty much everywhere, not all providers are legit and some may even provide low-quality services. 

Not only can low quality BPO services lead to lesser sales and profits for a company or business, it can also ruin the company’s reputation towards the clients or customers that it serves. So which BPO solution is best these days? 

In this Acelerar Review, we will share with you BPO solution 

About Acelerar

When talking about the leading and popular BPO companies from India, Acelerar is always among the list. 

It has its main office located at New Delhi India wherein it is also considered the hi-tech suburb in India wherein it is also known to be the best marketplace whenever outsourcing BPO services as well as virtual assistant services.  

This is also attributable to the expertise and skillfulness of the locals when it comes to delivering unparalleled customer support services. 

One of the jobs that make the most hire in the country is the BPO industry and with this, more and more locals are making sure that they are equipped with the right skills and expertise to provide such services.

The company made its way to the public since 2016 and by then only had a handful of workers in their team. 

As years go by, they are able to accumulate a few dozens of expert and well-skilled assistants and customer service representatives that are ready to handle any project or task which a client requires. 

Acelerar Review

Each staff is equipped with the knowledge and skills to adapt to the requirements of each client. They are also able to learn new software, program, tools, and procedures which clients may need or require from them. 

Of course, since the company is based in India, it deals with a much cheaper and affordable service fee compared to its competitions both locally and abroad.

All agents and staff are also well proficient in the English language and prior to working with the company, each staff is assessed of their skills and proficiency. 

Prior to getting hired, they should undergo a series of tests, interviews, and assessments in order to determine their capabilities. Also, workers are required to undergo stringent training in order to ensure the success of every project and task that they will partake in.

Rest assured, all workers have a good educational background, proficient in English, smart and keen in assessing problems and issues with a computer, able to adapt to specific software and programs to be used for a client and must be sociable.

How it works?

Getting started with Acelerar is fairly easy and fast. All you have to do is a request for a consultation with the website. The best thing about consultations with the company is that it is absolutely free and that you don’t have to pay for any membership fees. 

The website has strict rules and they also maintain focus on what they do only – which is to provide high-quality BPO service and VA service.

Whenever a client submits a consultation with the website, the staff immediate replies back to the client regarding the next procedures that he or she should pursue. 

Furthermore, the details that the client should mention in his or her request should include the preference for his or her assistants or staff. He can mention if he wants a staff that is proficient in other languages, knowledgeable in using other programs or software, can work on a specific time or date, can handle certain loads of work, and many more. 

When creating a request for consultation, the client is required to be as detailed as possible in order to come up with the best match of assistant for the job. This will also allow the website to track the best match of assistant from the list of hundred assistants from the website.

As soon as the best candidates are screened out for a client, they are then immediately presented to the client for the final decision and picking. As soon as the client chooses their assistant, they can immediately proceed with the other parts of the hiring process such as the interview and further tests. Once the assistant has been hired, the client can then perform further training with the assistant to customize their skills to match their company.

With regards to the prices, Acelerar isn’t that much costly compared to the leading BPO and VA websites today. 

Considering the low cost of living in the country along with the huge number of the labor force, the service fees are very much amenable to business owners and they are able to save much with them without compromising the quality.

Of course, even though the company is centered on BPO services, they also accommodate other projects and tasks such as general administrative tasks, data entry, content management, list building and the other tasks which usually are given to virtual assistants. 

Among their key-clients are coming from English-speaking countries such as US, UK, countries in Asia and even in the Middle East.

Our Final Thoughts

If you’re a business owner or entrepreneur who is dealing with quick and affordable VA services or BPO services then this company is a great option to consider.

This is for the reason that they have proven the quality of their work through the reviews found over the internet and on their website and that they offer a free consultation wherein clients can immediately determine if working with the website is the best option for them.

Also, the website is focused mainly on smaller projects as of the moment because of their small size, however, this company is a promising company considering that the BPO and VA industry is an increasing industry and the majority of the best VA’s and BPO workers are found in the country.

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