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Success in any business industry means having to perform every single task and job effectively while minimizing costs and effort. With the much advancement in technology, there is a greater chance for any business to succeed. 

Among these advancements that could help any business flourish in their specific field is the virtual assistance industry. With a VA, it is already much easier and more convenient to perform a task or to even run a business. 

A VA provides a business owner or entrepreneur more time to work on other things while ensuring the success of a project since it is handled by experienced and capable hands. Among the best VA websites today is Getfriday and here’s why.

About Getfriday

If you are looking to outsource any kind of office work, one name that you should consider is Getfriday. They provide well-experienced and skilled virtual assistants that come from all across the globe have a majority of assistants coming from India since their main base of operation is in Bangalore, India. 

Regardless of the kind of administrative or secretarial task at hand along with its volume and system requirements, Getfriday can get you the best assistant for the job.

The name is taken from the novel Robinson Crusoe wherein the protagonists’ assistant was named “Friday”, who was a very important character who served as his right-hand man that also contributed greatly in the protagonists’ survival. 

Thus we could say that getting yourself a ‘Friday’ or assistant of your own could help your business survive in the today’s tight business competition.

Getfriday has dedicated more than a decade in the field of virtual assistance and has ventured to more fields as the years pass since its launch in early 2005. Also back in the days, the company has been taking in a great number of clients despite their small number of workforce. 

However, through the years as the company is becoming more known, more clients, as well as applicants, are drawn to work with the company. Today, the company boasts more than 200 workers to handle any kind of VA or secretarial job. 

All assistants come well-experienced and skilled in specific areas and tasks in the VA industry. Each of these assistants also has their own computers and systems to use for a specific project. The best part about hiring a virtual assistant from Getfriday is that the client gets to choose their ideal assistant for their project.

Getting started

When choosing to work with Getfriday, getting started is pretty much straightforward. All you need to forward your inquiry or request for a virtual assistant to the company email address or via phone call. 

In your inquiry, you would want to be as detailed as possible for the company to be able to broaden the search for your ideal assistant. After sending your inquiry or request, the website will do all the interview and screening for you regarding finding your assistant. 

The website will be forwarding you with your best options and the final decision will be coming from you.

After presenting you the ideal candidate for the job, you can still perform further tests, assessments, and interview to gauge the level of proficiency of your assistant. 

Should you wish to change the presented assistant, you can always request for a change before starting a project.

In the process, you will need to create an account on the website for you to be able to conveniently manage your assistant. Becoming a member on the website also gives you access to certain systems and tools that you can use for your business. 

These tools are unique to the website and could help you effectively manage your assistants and could also help you monitor the success of a project.

Among the leading services that this company provide include family and personal tasks which covers the general administrative tasks such as file management, social media account management, email handling, encoding, and the basic tasks that can be done with a computer. 

The company also provides travel management wherein the assistant can perform bookings, phone calls, initiate transactions, and others. In addition, clients can also refer to the website if they want competent researchers for their tasks. 

The workforce is made up of competitive researchers and data analysts that are the best of their trade.


When it comes to pricing, Getfriday offers a much convenient rate compared to its leading competitors. They have an array of plans which compliments any business owner’s or entrepreneur’s budget. 

Depending on the hours required by the client, an assistant could work for 40 hours a month, 160 hours or more. The plans are flexible as to the requirements of the client and the client can get to choose when the assistant could work.

The best part about working with Getfriday is that the client gets to have a 3-day trial period for their services. 

With this 3-day trial, the client can immediately determine if the service works for them or not. And the client can also make an easier decision on which package or plan to purchase to maximize work.

Our final thoughts

It’s certainly not easy to find the ideal VA to help you perform your administrative tasks. One consideration that you should bear in mind in this venture is experience and reliability. 

Getfriday has more than a decade of experience and has been among the most trusted VA service providers on the internet. Also, Getfriday comes with affordable and flexible rates that could match any kind of budget out of clients. 

The best part yet is that the website offers a 3-day trial which is very rare among virtual assistant websites. 

Prior to starting with a project, the client can also avail of a free consultation for a specific project – in the consultation, the client can immediately get an estimate regarding the ideal processes and systems to be used, the best candidate for the job, the best plans and package to avail, the level of proficiency required to perform the tasks, time, rate, and other details of a project.

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