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Office and administrative work is always recurring and sometimes does not end. This is most especially true if one is managing a business. 

As clients and customers come in a business, more and more data and files are being processed by the administrative team. With this, it becomes difficult to manage administrative work when time, as well as workers, are limited. 

Fortunately, however, there is a way to deal with this kind of problem – and that is through virtual assistants.

A good Virtual assistant service provider that clients can consider is Everfront Virtual Assistant. In this article, we’ll share with you its perks and why it is a better option than its competitors.

About Everfront Virtual Assistant

Despite being among the youngest VA websites today, Everfront Virtual Assistant proves to be among the best. It started its venture in this industry in 2016 with only a few staff members at the start which by the end of 2017 has increased to more than double. The company is based in Bengal India wherein it is managed by dozens of support staff and managers to ensure quality and efficiency among workers and to ensure projects are carefully handled. The company offers a wide range of VA and administrative services wherein their main projects include business, personal as well as real estate-related projects and contracts.

The company has been founded by experienced entrepreneurs namely Pardeep Singh, Santosh Gupta, Amit Rajak. All of whom are experts in their specific fields and have experienced first-hand the value and importance of having to work with a virtual assistant.

Having an office located in India does not limit them to taking in projects coming from other countries across the globe. Among their loyal clients come from countries such as the US, UK, Australia and other corners of the globe. The available assistants are well-competitive with their updated computer skills and techniques and are all well-trained to ensure quality and efficiency at work. Prior to being an assistant in the company, the assistant should first undergo a series of interviews, tests, and assessments to demonstrate their skills and proficiency. Having a stringent hiring process ensures the quality of service and safeguards all parties from fraudulent activities or scams.

Service offered by the website is grouped into three categories which are the personal assistance, business assistance, and real estate assistance. Personal assistance includes the basic administrative tasks such as data entry, form filling, data analysis, and others. Business assistance, on the other hand, covers the more sensitive data and information that are being handled by a business or a company. Among the tasks covered by business, assistance include website management and development, content management, complex data management, software management, and many others. Lastly, the real estate assistance category covers any details and processes related to real estate, properties, or any advice and portfolio about real estate.


How it works

To get started working with the website, all there is left to do is register for an account on the website. Right on the registration, clients are able to choose from the list of plans or packages to avail of the website. 

Among the plans and packages include the 10 hours a month package, 20, 40, 60, and 120 hours a month package. For the 10 hour package, clients are charged with $110 per month which costs $11 an hour for the hired assistant. 

As the hour packages increase, so will the prices, however, will incur bigger discounts in the total process. This simply means, bigger discounts will be availed from bigger plans or packages.

Whenever choosing the right package for a contract or project, it is best to consider the amount of work involved, the due date for a project and the budget for the project. By considering these details, the client will be able to easily adapt to the right package and can easily make a decision whether to avail recurring plans or to avail of the bigger plans.

Regardless of the plans which clients will take, they are able to monitor and determine whether the services are right for their needs or not. This is done through the free trial account. 

The website offers a free trial for their services to give clients a feel of what to expect when enrolled in their services and when working with one of the assistants. 

The best thing about the free trial service is that clients are able to devise steps into completing their projects with the website. Also, clients will be able to check on the quality, speed, accuracy, and other aspects of the services offered.

As soon as a client has signed up for any of the plans, they are immediately interviewed and contacted about their project. Depending on the project on hand, they will be presented with a list of available assistance for them to choose from. 

The client can then perform further interviews, tests, and assessments to gauge the skills and proficiency of the assistant. All interviews and tests will be monitored by the website to ensure confidentiality of the client, the project and all details involved in the project.

Once the desired assistant has been hired, both parties can immediately get to work right away during the specified time by the client. 

Also, the work will be tracked and monitored as it progresses and the client can get constant updates regarding the project. Also during the process, the client will be assisted by a project manager to ensure smooth workflow.


A free trial out of a virtual assistant service provider is very much hard to find these days. 

There is always a big chance that a website may be involved in fraudulent activities or scams if they do not have a free trial service wherein clients can get a feel of what they will be having when subscribed to a service. 

With Everfront Virtual Assistant’s free trial service, along with its carefully handpicked team of assistants, quality, accuracy, speed and affordable budget for the service are already guaranteed.

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