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Today’s modern advancements brought about an increase in the level of comfort and convenience in the work industry. From tasks and jobs that take hours to finish, it only takes a few hours and minutes to complete. 

The same thing applies to tasks that are done using a computer, while using a computer to finish a task already takes a lot of effort, having a virtual assistant can make managing a business or a company could further make it convenient. 

The only problem, however, whenever hiring a virtual assistant is that they can be hard to find due to the increasing number of providers with which not all of these are legit or equipped with reliable assistants. 

The good news, however, is that there are certainly a few VA service providers are trusted by clients due to the quality of assistants and due to the amendable service fees – among these websites is Remsource. In this article, we will share with you all the things you need to know about Remsource VA hiring website and why it is an optimum choice.

About Remsource

Remsource started its virtual assistant services in 2009 and was established by Azi Rosenblum who is an entrepreneur who has experienced Virtual assistance first hand and has found the potential in making money out of it. 

The company has its main office located in Baltimore, MD and backed up by a team of expert and well-trained US virtual assistants. While its main focus, for now, is working on small-scale projects and jobs, it is constantly working its way to handling bigger projects that are recurring or long-term.

It offers administrative support for any time of the day and on any time zones. While most of the clients come from the US and from other English-speaking countries, the website also hosts services to other countries with other languages. 

Among the key tasks and projects that are usually ordered from the website include general admin tasks, bookkeeping tasks, BPO, customer service, content management and content creation, website management, and many others.

One considerable difference of Remsource from other VA sites is that instead of having their assistants work remotely from home, they make the hire personally and let their assistants work in the office. 

This means the assistants work directly from a single office wherein the company can simply monitor the assistant in each of his or her projects. By having the assistants work in an office, quality, as well as security, is ensured. 

As the staff works in a unified workplace, the company will be able to track the progress of a project which an assistant is working on. Also, this lessens the chances of making mistakes when doing a project since every step that the assistant makes when working is being closely monitored by the company.

For big projects, the client may hire admin assistants who will take over the management of the virtual assistants. By having an assistant admin to spearhead a project, the client will have lesser work left on his hands. 

The admin assistant can then proceed to give the orders and instructions to the VA’s and can even make the hire provided that the client has his or her approval.

Among the common clients that inquire to the website include consultants, financial advisors, entrepreneurs, business owners, speakers, and even office assistants who simply want to take a load of work off their hands. 

Remsource also has been renowned by Baltimore Business Journal as well as SmartCEO Magasin as one of the best companies with the best admin staffing in the US.

What to expect from Remsource

Since Remsource is more like the virtual-back office linked to your business, all you have to do is provide all the details to the website when looking for your ideal VA. When creating a posting for a job order, you will need to be as detailed as possible when it comes to the project and your candidate. 

Among the details that you can include in your posting are the kind of software or program that the assistant should be knowledgeable of, the level of proficiency in using a certain program, the language preferred, availability of the assistant, the date of submission for the project, and other essential details.

As soon as you create your account on the website, you will be given a 3-month consultation regarding your business. In this process, the company will help streamline the best interests of your business and the best possible approaches and procedures for your business. Likewise, the company will work with you find the next steps that you need to pursue.

When it comes to the plans and pricing, Remsource has a bit higher fee compared to most VA websites. This is for the reason that working with the website ensures an added level of security that guarantees the confidentiality of the project as well as the details of the client. 

Per month, the website can charge as much as $500 – $600 per task. However, these fees can be smaller and can vary depending on certain factors such as quantity, duration, the level of expertise in using certain software or program, the level of accuracy that is required by the client and many others. 

Nevertheless, we can say that the fees are somehow flexible and the client will always have the last say when it comes to starting a project.

Our final thoughts

As a final thought, not many VA websites recruit or hire VA’s to work in an actual office. 

Also by having the staff of VA’s work in a single station, the company ensures confidentiality of the project and also reduces the risks of fraud and scams whenever working with someone through the internet.

When it comes to the price, the website can be somehow pricier than most however quality as well as speed and accuracy are always ensured. 

Plus, a client will be able to get the best VA’s possible for a project since the company only employs assistants that can pass their very strict criteria for hiring assistants.

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