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FlexJobs Review

Welcome to our FlexJobs Review. Online hiring platforms have become a norm these days that companies and recruiters often engage in web job portals for their hiring process. The increasing need to employ virtual assistants or VA entails proper assessment of the job service website that an organization will go for. 

While there is a long list of online job portals available, you can narrow down your choices to those which are proven to be effective and well-trusted by many users. Well, you can count on FlexJobs, a highly recommended online portal where employers can be assured to get quality hires.

Let’s find out everything about FlexJobs and how credible it is in securing virtual assistants for your growing business.

Website Name:  FlexJobs 

Owner:  Sarah Sotton

Type: Hiring / Virtual Jobs

Price: Starting at $6.95

Target For: Hiring virtual assistant and remote workers

Summary: It is a platform for employers to hire suitable virtual assistant and for remote worker. 

Product Score

Recommended:  Yes

What is FlexJobs?

FlexJobs is the leading and most trusted online platform that offers remote and flexible jobs – part-time, fulltime, freelance, temporary and alternative schedule opportunities. Founded in 2007 by Sara Sutton, this job portal caters to a wide array of industries in over 50 career fields and enlists thousands of virtual assistants across the globe.


The Founder and CEO’s first-hand experience on the frustrating professional job search with flexibility in schedule came in when she was pregnant with her first son. This gave birth to FlexJobs, which adopted remote work as its business model from the beginning. 


The company aims to provide a better, faster and safer job search experience for job seekers while employers enjoy a quick, efficient and quality hiring process. At the same time, the portal gives access to various job resources like career coaching and resume review and guides on how to find a remote job. There are also webinars and thousands of job search articles that are very helpful to anyone who is just starting his remote job journey.

How Does FlexJobs Work?

Remote workers have to sign up and create their profile on the website. Once this is done, you can start browsing and checking available job listings in two ways:

You will be then welcomed with 50+ career fields, and each field expands to a number of job postings from legitimate companies all over the world. 

Yes, the list is overwhelming but just be sure to dig into your area of interest(s) to shorten the time spent on your job search and increase the chances of getting hired in your own niche. 

It should look like this if you click on a specific career field:

The job listings are posted from the most recent down to earlier dates. You can further filter the listings into your preferred job type:

Once you have already filtered the job type, you may now browse through the list that you feel is the best for you, considering the initial job overview as well as your availability.

Click on the post that you are interested in. It will provide you the job description and complete job details, including the location, as shown below:

Price - Membership and Subscription

Part of FlexJobs’s goal is to provide highly capable and top level tools, materials and resources to help the remote worker find the job that works best for him. This is the reason behind why FlexJobs charges for the membership fee.The staff’s rigorous researching, screening and selecting quality, professional and flexible job opportunities to be posted in the site are covered by this. So, one can be assured that FlexJobs are only true to their principle of providing the most credible job service.

From time to time, they offer deep discounts and periodic promotions that one should definitely eye on and grab once they become available.

Remote Work Policy and Work-Life Balance

FlexJobs understands the need to go on a remote work environment and what entails to properly manage the team and encourage productivity. They have laid out and identified some metrics to measure the remote worker’s performance and still get results. It takes careful and frequent planning and discussion to analyze which key areas have been progressing or which items need a little bit of push.

Constant communication plays a big role in FlexJobs. They use Sococo for their virtual office environment where one-on-one or group chats and video calls can connect all remote team members together.

Also, they make further connections through Yammer, a premium social networking service where team members can post and share facts to know about each other more. It definitely is a cool and refreshing resource to have at work.

Final Thoughts

FlexJobs is definitely one of the trust-worthy sites for both job seekers and the employers or recruiters. It is primarily built to provide ease of access, safer and faster way to find professional jobs that fit more comfortably to your life. Though it does not come for free, they can always guarantee that every cent you paid for counts. And, you gain even more the moment that you get hired and start working in the comforts of your home and still not miss out with life.

For the employer, the assurance of a quicker and more efficient hiring process takes out the burden of more days spent in the traditional applicants selection. FlexJobs makes your screening options more filtered and the rate of getting quality virtual assistants to join your team is much higher, at a very affordable cost.

FlexJobs Alternative

One of the best alternative for FlexJobs should be Online hiring for part time and full time virtual assistants from Philippines. 



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