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Graphic Artists, Animators, and Visual Artists – these freelancers are becoming more prominent in the virtual assistant world these times because of the ‘new normal’ work arrangement that almost all companies have adopted since the pandemic.

Films, advertisements, commercials, or whatever we see on the television is a product of studios and production houses that make substantial use of several digital media artists. With operations being slowed down due to COVID-19, most of these creative freelancers turned to online job portals and home-based work. 

WorkDeer was created to be a one-stop-shop to cater to these freelance artists as well as to clients and CG studios that need help to fast-track their projects. Let’s get to know them!

Company Name:  WorkDeer

Managed By: SVR Creative Entertainment Pvt Ltd

Headquarters: India

Service Type: Marketplace for Graphic Artists, Animators, and Visual Effects Artists

Target For: CG Studios, Production Houses, and Media companies


WorkDeer is an online marketplace of creative digital media freelancers that operate in a secured and seamless cloud-based technology for a much faster project collaboration with clients.

Product Score

Recommended:  Yes

What is WorkDeer?

Based in India, WorkDeer is a 24/7 online marketplace that connects clients with a breadth of artistic talents in the fields of Gaming, Animation, and VFX or Visual Effects. Recently launched just last September 5, the platform is a productive resource of online CG freelancers that supports studios, production houses, media companies, and even start-ups to expedite upcoming projects or support their in-house team.

WorkDeer is one of the many portfolio companies ran by SVR Group United a Hongkong-based diversified conglomeration in the fields of Real estate, Infrastructure, Retail, Travel and Hospitality, Technology, Media, Logistics, Retail, Waste Management, and Business Consulting. The website is being managed by SVR Creative Entertainment Pvt Ltd.

What Does WorkDeer Do?

WorkDeer connects clients with a wide pool of creative talents who are experienced in the following categories:

  • Movies / Feature Films
  • Television / Broadcast
  • Advertising / Commercials
  • Gaming
  • Corporate / Business Presentations
  • Project / Architecture Presentations
  • Virtual Reality (VR) / Augmented Reality(AR)
  • Education and Training

Among the registered digital media freelancers you can hire in this online marketplace are:

  • 3D Modelers and Animators
  • Riggers
  • Compositors
  • Storyboard and Concept Freelancers
  • Digital Painters
  • Lighting Technicians
  • Texture, Hair & Fur Freelancers
  • Visual Development Freelancers
  • Character Freelancers
  • Layout and Rendering TDs,
  • Roto Freelancers
  • Matchmovers
  • Matte Painters
  • Pipeline TD,
  • Game Designers,
  • Testers,
  • Game Programmers,
  • Audio Engineers

Apart from gaining access to this portal of rich talents, clients can be assured of a safe, reliable, and user-friendly interface that is built with value-added technological features to promote ease in client-freelancer project collaboration.

WorkDeer Consultancy

WorkDeer provides consultancy services to clients who have difficulty managing the projects in its platform. This way, its team of Animation and VFX Specialists, Line Producers, and Supervisors will carry out the project for you.

Here’s how it works:

In this service, it has to be agreed between parties that WorkDeer Consultancy shall only be the point of contact for the project and the client won’t have direct interaction with the freelancers assigned to the task. Fees must be deposited before the project starts, and all other terms must be agreed upon.

Should you be interested in this option, you are always free to email them at

WorkDeer will soon offer Virtual Cloud Services which include Virtual Machines and Render Farm. Virtual Machine is all about providing a scalable, seamless, and high-capacity cloud storage to boost remote connectivity and eventually steadies high-quality performance when doing projects. Render Farm takes Animation, Gaming, and VFX studios to an exceptional level with its accessible infrastructure that supports freelancers in project execution.

How Does WorkDeer Works?

You can hire a freelance artist in WorkDeer by following these four simple steps:

Step 1: After setting up an account, you have to sign-in to post a project. Make sure that you include a brief description of the task.

Step 2: Choose your freelancer. Filter the categories based on reviews, ratings, and/or portfolio.

Step 3: Once you’ve selected the best fit, you can hire the freelancer right away and agree on payment terms. Your freelancer can then start working on your project.

Step 4: Share files and communicate with the freelancer using WorkDeer’s internal platform.

The company features its top-rated freelancers on the website and you can browse through per field of specialization. As everything is shared on the cloud, they assure a fully secured database wherein only authorized people can access the files.

Also, WorkDeer emphasizes that you only pay the freelancer once you are fully satisfied with the work done.

WorkDeer requires a payment of commission for all the services available in the site which is a % of how much the client paid and how much the freelancer received. It also charges the client on every posted project as well as when the freelancer bids for every project. 

The company does not offer a refund either to the client or to the freelancers. In cases of dispute, WorkDeer will act as the mediator and will assess the situation to settle it with both parties.

Plans and Pricing

Creating an account with WorkDeer is free, however, the website does not present any specific pricing for their services especially when you are directly hiring the freelancer. 

A client is charged when posting a project but according to the website, the basic plan covers this charge while other plans may require you a fee.

Just to give a rough idea of how much Indian CG artists and designers charge, the average hourly rates according to are the following:

  • Graphic Designers – ₹259 to ₹506 or around $4 to $7 per hour
  • Animator –  ₹450 or about $6 per hour
  • VFX artist –  ₹491.32 to ₹1,000 or about $7 to $ 14 per hour

My WorkDeer Review

The recent trend on a work-from-home structure due to COVID-19 has fueled the increasing number of freelance artists in the CGI industry, especially in Gaming, Animation, and Visual Effects (VFX).

With CG studios and production houses still in operation, the move to source out these talents online becomes a need for cost-effectiveness and faster project collaboration.

WorkDeer took this opportunity to provide a strong and large base of artists for clients in the film, advertising, media, and other industries. Here’s how we see them so far:


  • A vast source of Gaming, Animation, and VFX freelance artists
  • Quick and easy hiring process
  • Cloud-based and secured data sharing 
  • You can authorize payment until the work is 100% complete and satisfactory


  • The company is just fresh and the credibility of service is still not proven
  • Lack of hiring or screening process to ensure 100% quality freelancers
  • Delays due to repeated work as there is no system set to monitor and validate the freelancer’s work
  • Much cheaper if you hire the freelancer directly in other online portals


With most of the jobs taken care of in the safe spaces of homes, hiring a remote workforce slowly becomes a typical setup these days. What used to be a go-to for all administrative tasks, virtual staffing has now covered almost every industry that exists in the world. 

The film, advertising, and media industries can benefit now, more than ever, from the growing number of digital media freelancers in the market. There are always a lot of independent freelance artists in more established job portals but you may also want to give newcomers a try for the experience.

With companies as WorkDeer, scouting for creative talents all in one place has never been made easier. Such a rich resource not only increases the productivity of the project collaboration but also provides cost benefits to the clients or studios.

WorkDeer Alternative

There are still a lot of promising digital media outsourcing agencies online when you just look further. If you opt for a direct hire, then we highly recommend, an online job portal where you can outsource affordable and highly-skilled full-time virtual assistants in the Philippines.



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