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If you are an entrepreneur who’s handling your business on your own, or at least most of the tasks, getting around the menial and routine to-do’s every single day often consumes most of your time. Hiring virtual assistants has become a trend and it has proven to be very effective at improving productivity.

The only catch is where to look for the best assistant, among the overflowing number of virtual assistant service companies in the market. Efficise is among the promising VA service providers in the industry who has been a magnet for positive reviews online. Let’s check them out!

Company Name:  Efficise

Founder:  Ali Siddiqui

Service Type: Virtual Assistant Service, Outsourcing

Target For: Business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals


Efficise is a credible provider of quality virtual assistants at an afforadable cost primarily for task-based projects.

Product Score

Recommended:  Yes

What is Efficise?

Headquartered in Karachi, Pakistan, Efficise is a virtual assistant service company which was built, just like any other VA service providers, to help busy entrepreneurs and business owners manage their daily tasks. 

Founded in 2011, Efficise desires to take off that extra work from busy clients and have the tasks delegated to their team of experienced virtual assistants. 

The goal is for entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals to experience work-life balance in its truest sense by letting their professional VAs handle the routine and most time-consuming work.

What Does Efficise Do?

Efficise can help you pretty much with everything, any task that can be done remotely by their highly-trained English-speaking virtual assistants.

You can hire their assistants for anything that needs to get done at home, at work, or even while traveling, mainly about scheduling, research, travel planning, and social media management.

Here is a glimpse of a few among the many things your assistant can help you with:

At Home

  • Schedule appointments with your doctor
  • Find a handyman for repairs
  • Arrange friends or family reunion
  • Check product availability
  • Make arrangements when you are moving to another city, and more


At Work

  • Handle email correspondence on your behalf
  • Locate venues for the next conference
  • Schedule meetings with your clients
  • Proofread content for your blog or reports
  • Format documents or presentations, and more


While Traveling

  • Research and find places you can visit
  • Prepare custom itineraries for your upcoming trips
  • Find best fares on direct flights
  • Arrange pickup services
  • Find hotels within your budget, and more


All of your tasks will be handled by a team of assistants, meaning, you’ll get a different assistant each time just like other task-based services. However, if you’d like to hire a dedicated assistant, you are always free to contact them.

How Does It Work?

Efficise makes it easy for clients to connect with them. They have a user-friendly interface that gets you to navigate the page quite easily.

Step 1. Sign up. Click on ‘Get Started’ on the home page. This will route you to the signup page.

Step 2. Choose your plan and fill out some personal details. You will also be asked to create your account password. Efficise allows its clients to carefully control and choose which information they wish to provide and how long they would want the team to store it.

Step 3. After subscribing, you will receive an email notification confirming your opening of an account with them. This means that they have created a specially-designed dashboard for you to submit and monitor the progress of the tasks.

Step 4. Explore your dashboard and start submitting tasks!

With task-based plans, task credits are in the form of monthly packages with each task credit equivalent to 30 minutes worth of your assistant’s work.

For dedicated assistant services, all of the client’s tasks will be assigned to a single assistant who will be charged on an hourly basis.

Clients can mark up to two tasks as a priority within 24 hours and Efficise will get to them right away. Lengthy tasks or tasks exceeding 30 minutes can also be handled by their assistants who are required to seek for the client’s approval when there’s a need to use extra credits.

Running out of credits per month is also not a problem. You can get extra task credit for a small fee while waiting for the renewal of your subscription.

Efficise offers no long-term contract and clients are always free to upgrade, downgrade, or cancel their subscription anytime.

One important note for users is that while Dedicated Assistant plans allow rollover of remaining hours at the end of billing cycle, what’s left of your task credits under Task-based plans don’t, and will totally be lost.

Plans and Pricing

There are two main types of plans that Efficise offers: Task-Based and Hourly Plan or Business Plan for Dedicated Assistant services.

Task-Based Plans

Hourly Plan or Business Plan

Should a client prefer a dedicated assistant to help him with all his tasks, hourly rates start at $10/hour. This may significantly vary depending on the task and level of expertise by the assistant you get.

If you run out of task credits, you can either wait for the renewal of your subscription or pay for $5/task to get extra task credits.

My Efficise Review

Having an extra pair of hands to handle routine but equally important tasks is a necessity these days, especially for the busy folks in the business world or even the overly-occupied professionals that need help to offload.

Efficise sees this need and has been a preferred service provider by several business owners and clients all over the world. Years of top-level VA assistant service gets them well-deserved respect and reputation to this day.

Here’s how we see them:


  • Reputable company with almost a decade of quality service
  • Independent and creative-thinking VAs
  • Very affordable rates
  • No long-term contract commitment


  • Lacks a monitoring system from the team to validate VA’s work and progress
  • There’s always a risk that your VA may go beyond 30 minutes per task each time, consuming more task credits than expected
  • No provision for 24/7 support service


Hiring a virtual assistant should be a breath of fresh air knowing that most of your time-consuming tasks are already handled and taken care of. So, it’s always best to look into the profiles of the service providers before connecting or establishing a contract with them.

Efficise has managed to retain a credible name when it comes to providing an efficient and highly-capable team of assistants whatever the task may be. 

With the many years it has stood out in the crowded VA industry with unbelievably cost-effective quality services, it is never a wonder why most businesses still rely upon them should they need to source out for the best remote staff.

Efficise Alternative

While Fancy Hands can be considered the closest alternative for task-based services, we still highly recommend Onlinejobs.ph, an online job portal where you can outsource affordable and highly-skilled full-time virtual assistants in the Philippines.



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