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These days, finding a trust-worthy and reliable virtual assistant can be a tough job knowing that you have to tighten up your screening process in order to land the best fit. From the moment you post a hiring position, you may start receiving a bunch of responses that you have to filter your way through to find the most qualified for the interview and the final process.

The best thing about virtual assistant finders like Horkey HandBook is that they do the skill matching for you and all you have to do is wait for the matches to respond with their pitches! Cool, right? Let’s find out more!

Company Name: Horkey HandBook

Founder:  Gina Horkey

Location: Stacy, MN

Service Type: Virtual Assistant Finder

Target For: Entrepreneurs and Businessmen who are looking for VAs


Horkey HandBook makes the screening process of hiring qualified virtual assistants more convenient and eventually handing you the top candidates from their skilled pool of VAs.

Product Score

Recommended:  Yes

What is Horkey HandBook?

Horkey HandBook is a company that specializes in recruiting virtual assistants while at the same time, finds perfect VA matches for entrepreneurs and business owners. Founded in 2016, Gina Horkey decided to share what she learned in the business by helping out others to become great freelance writers and VAs and start building their own freelance business.

Gina and her team have helped over 200 entrepreneurs since they started and the matching reputation has impressed many clients that they become a go-to resource to some when it comes to finding the best VA.

What Does Horkey HandBook Do?

As a virtual assistant finder, the main goal is to find the perfect fit to the client’s needs, may they be just a temporary task or they may consider the VA’s service as long term. 

Below are the list of Horkey Handbook’s most requested services:

  1. WordPress Website Management and Maintenance – The VA can cover you up in updating your WordPress plugins and files, manage backups and comments in your website
  2. Content Creation – This service includes creating blog posts, writing email newsletter and sales copies
  3. Social Media Management – The VA can manage all your social media accounts
  4. Email Management – The VA will make sure your emails are properly attended to
  5. Customer Service – Your assistant can work as an email, phone or chat support
  6. Blog Management – This service covers managing your blog posts from formatting the content and editing to creating an editorial calendar
  7. Outreach – Your assistant can help in maximizing your online business presence by connecting you with fellow influencers

Though services are varied, you will expect that Horkey HandBook can definitely deliver and give its clients the best candidate from it’s pool of awesome virtual assistants.

How Does It Work?

Horkey Handbook presents as-easy-as-ABC type of procedure to get potential candidates for the task you need to get done, so the burden of a tedious screening process is taken off through Gina and her team. 

Step 1: You have to fill out a short questionnaire detailing your business and the roles you will probably have your assistant take on. This also includes the number of working hours in a week you are aiming for and your weekly budget.

Step 2: They will compile your requirement and share it with their talented VAs who will then reach out to you directly.

Step 3: Here comes the interview process where you only take the one who you deem fit and most qualified.

During the final selection process, the client can always go for a paid task or a certain trial period to further test the capability of the chosen VA, ensuring that he only gets the perfect VA for the job.

Plans and Pricing

Horkey Handbook charges $47 as a one-time fee which makes it more cost-effective especially for start-ups or if you are just simply on a budget on this part of the process. It should be noted that once you hire your virtual assistant, you will be paying them directly.

Depending on the complexity of the task, their VA’s rate normally ranges from $20/hr to $40/hr. Some may also offer a package price for the job which is way more flexible than doing the hourly payment scheme. What remains true is that the cost you pay for hiring your assistant reflects the value you put in your business. Plus, let’s add the fact that they offer a 30-day money back guarantee that will somehow keep your worries of the service at bay.

My Horkey HandBook Review and Summary

Spending time scouring the web to hire the most qualified virtual assistant oftentimes tests your patience, especially if you aren’t too sure who offers the most credible service. Much more in reading reviews and client feedback – the more you investigate, the more you become conscious and confused with who to go for.

That is why virtual assistant finders like the Horkey Handbook exist so you can pass on your scouring time and have them filter the candidates and get back to you with the top matches. With their records of highly satisfied clients, let us understand how well they’ve been doing on both sides.


  • Efficient screening turnover and results
  • Qualified and talented VAs trained to fit for the any job
  • Affordable pricing and easy process
  • 30-day money back guarantee


  • VAs may not have enough work experience
  • Quality of work for fresh VAs may still be in question
  • Possible lost on both time and cost for paid test trial if the VA does not eventually deliver within the test period


Though Horkey Handbook has established their name as a go-to virtual assistant finder by some, the VA market remains a vast pool of more credible and established virtual assistant providers. It is a good thing to note though that Gina and her team is building up their pool of talents through thorough training in order to equip them more than enough to stand on their own – being a kickass VA who will further invest in this skill by putting up their own VA business.

So far, clients haven’t had anything bad to say to the services and positive feedback are still coming in. That only means Horley Handbook has really sustained their reputation as a reliable virtual assistant finder, matching the client’s needs to their pool of talented virtual assistants.

Horkey HandBook Alternative

One of the best alternatives for Horkey Handbook should be This online job portal is a great source of affordable and highly-skilled full-time virtual assistants in the Philippines.



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