How much does it cost to build a website with WordPress this 2018?


Whenever thinking about building a WordPress website, the topic regarding the costs immediately comes to mind.


To give a straight and frank answer to the question “how much”, the answer would be ‘it depends’. Basically, you can have a website spending only a few dollars but of course it will not have a few features which the $10,000 worth website has. It would depend mostly on a few factors and as to what the website owner wants.


Many website owners dream of a website which is often impossible for them to achieve with their current budget. Most of the time, owners possess only a third or even a quarter of budget needed for their dream website. To help you with a precise budget for your dream website, we’ve lined up all the specifics for you including a few essential tips on how to avoid overspending for your WordPress website.


The basics


Among the basics that you need to know when making your first WordPress website is that a good cost estimate and time.


Generally, estimates will come costly simply because they are time consuming. Of course, the time that comes along with is prerequisite to the load of work and research that has to be done. The best and most definite way of getting a precise is through a consultant. This would mean that the consultant is equipped with sufficient experience and knowledge about the specific topic – which in this case is about building a WordPress website.


The best and most affordable to obtain a consultant is to look for an individual freelancer instead of an agency. With this, you’ll be able to focus on one specific person for your questions and inquiries and avoid any delays and conflicts as the project is only done by an individual consultant. Opt only for consultant agencies whenever you are tight on the available time and you have a ton of projects on your hands.


Costs for Consulting agency vs Freelancer



One should always bear in mind one thing whenever choosing between an agency and an individual to build their website – the more hands you get to work on your project, the more money you will have to pay. This goes without considering the experience, tools, and other factors involved for a project. The more heads you include in your project, the more you will have to shell out.


With this said, it is best to resort to the individual consultant when creating a WordPress website. Aside from the fact it is actually cheaper, it gives the website owner a hands on capability as the consultant works on the website. After every process, the owner can intervene and check every detail. With this, the owner is able to ensure quality and that the website is designed according to his or her specific needs.


When it comes to rates, individual consultants are easier to manage. They don’t require any other unnecessary fee which agencies require. Usually, a freelancer offers an hourly rate or a flat rate or fixed price for the whole project. Another advantage of opting to work with a single consultant is that they can be bargained with.


Also, requests as well as inclusions on the website can be included without charge. Individual consultants can always be reasoned with, which gives website owners a good amount of opportunities to further improve their website aside from their designed or planned lay out.


WordPress tools


As far as WordPress tools goes, the important things to consider are the plugins.


Not all WordPress plugins come with the same price and features. Each plug in will always be unique from their other.


While there are certainly a good number of free plugins to use for a website, they usually don’t have enough features and options for a business marketer website. These free plugins are merely designed for demo websites and blogs that don’t require any complex or very technical settings.


A business website however requires more settings wherein customers can play around with. Customers usually need more settings out of business websites since they want to know more and they want a more precise detail whenever they are making a purchase, requesting for service, and others.


Another advantage of the paid plugins is that they are closely monitored by the administrators or the plugin owners. They keep tabs on the plugin and trace any error as well as any glitch in its coding. Also, they provide assistance for any inquiry or request that the website designer needs out of the plugin.


WordPress website maintenance


Maintaining a WordPress website is the last part of creating a website which no longer covers many expenses however this task could be very time consuming as well as tedious.


WordPress website maintenance involves having to look into each page of the website and trace for any glitch or errors. Also, it involves having to update specific pages regarding changes in the Google search algorithm as well as other factors involved in keeping the page up on the first pages of search engine results.


Again, hiring a freelancer or an individual consultant could be a great option to take whenever you’re looking to save money and time maintaining a WordPress website.


You can also look to hire Virtual Assistants or admins to take care of these tasks for you.




Virtual assistants are usually equipped with a good amount of experience and knowledge on dealing with any computer-related tasks which include maintaining and managing a WordPress website. These freelancers also offer a flat rate per hour but can also be bargained with a fixed price when the whole website has been scanned, updated, and maintained.


So how much will one spend whenever looking to build a WordPress website?


The answer of course is still the same (as mentioned in the first few paragraphs of this article) and it only depends on the specific requirements of the owner.


What is important in this regard is to consider cheaper options and services in order to save more money, time and effort. Also, having expert service providers work on your project to building a WordPress website can ensure lesser errors and you can even have better suggestions on the plans and design that you may have in mind.


If you have any comments, please leave them below and if you’re looking to start on to build your own site, let us help you!

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