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Prialto Review – VA company that you can Trust

Overall Rating
Score 78%
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Score 84%
Score 85%
Score: Competitive 60%

Prialto is another company that provides business assitants to executives, entrepreneurs, and businesses. The company is based and managed from Portland, Oregon, engaging with globally with staff from Asia and Central America.

The difference with Prialto to other VA companies is their engagement with their staff. There is a 2-way communication on real-time feedback that keeps employees engaged by allowing suggestions and improvements while managers will oversee the service quality from the frontline staff. 

Feedback from Prialto’s clients are kept in track with their team progress at all times.

Prialto was founded by Founder, Eric Taussig and he has created a team that is superior enough to spearhead your business. 

Prialto does everything for their clients from training and continuously guiding their virtual assistant and team. As such, their clients can focus on doing other important businesses and prioritise their main business model while Prialto will keep their backend running smoothly.  

Prialto support team consists of:

  • Virtual Assistant assigned to daily tasks
  • Engagement Manager who look into  processes and mentors the virtual assistants
  • Virtual assistants’s Team Captain  manages the VA’s daily workflow and monitors the quality of work
  • Account Executive who maximize the ROI of the client’s partnership with Prialto

Prialto's Process

Prialto claims to draw upon over 500,000 hours of professional support experience to maximize clients productivity and delight them with concierge-level service.

Prialto’s virtual assistants will send weekly reports to their clients through feebbacks to their managers.

The report flags the times and ways in which the assistant has interacted with the executives the virtual assistant report to.

WIth the report information, the managers can review and thereafter, divide tasks for the entire team, monitor service quality, and offer timely guidance.

Prialto provide client with the following service elements:

  • Dedicated Thought Partner
    The Engagement Manager serves as the clients thought partner to help to implement new processes, adopt new tools, and overall maximze your service.
  • Extensive Knowledge of Tools
    Their staff stays up-to-date on the latest technology and give recommendations when needed.
  • Process-Driven Best Practices
    Prialto process-driven allows them to deliver consistent and efficient service in documenting and implementing client’s unique processes.
  • Quality Assurance
    Prialto have a team to lead and manages QA check tasks to ensure the work by virtual assistants delivers to meets  expectations. Also, the  mentorship and training of the assistant receives from their leaders, client will have a piece of mind and focus on their business. 
  • Backup Service
    At Prialto, client’s never go a business day without service. They have backup virtual assistants fully trained and up-to-date so that when client’s primary one is out of the office, they will still have reliable support.
  • Ability to Scale Support
    As their client your business grows, Prialto’s will have the advantage to scale with the client’s business and have processes to seamlessly ramp up thier support.


The price is quite steep if you are a just starting out. It starts at $1,200 per month that includes up to 50 hours of dedicated support and continuity assurance that a trained backup PA will support you whenever your assistant is unavailable.

From a case study, Tom Batchelder, Productivity Consultant of WoodRuff Sawyer mentioned, “Prialto allows Woodruff Sawyer to free up time and focus on growing the business instead of merely holding on because everyone is overwhelmed by a bunch of tiny tasks.”

In just 10 months, Woodruff Sawyer grew from a pilot of 3 Prialto Units to 14 Units, supporting 17 professionals. And that growth continues.


Pricing for Prialto’s is steep but it deliver results as the case studies are worth mentioning.

From our tabulation and experience based on engagement with VA’s, the cost of engagement of a quality VAs is at a range of $500-900 per month. However, if you are looking into Prialto, it is worth to look at if you have a business that can expense $1,200 per month onwards.  

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