Vasumo Review: VA’s You Can Trust

Managing a business without prior knowledge and skills is the greatest mistake which an owner can make. This is especially true these days since the online industry has an ever changing platform which requires businesses to adapt to various changes and updates. Managing a business today therefore requires more skills, techniques, and tools for the business to flourish and to stand atop its competitions. Although owning a business today is not as easy as it sounds, knowing where to turn to when it comes to administrative tasks and business management tasks and ventures can save you a lot of work, time and even money. Virtual assistant these days are among the best people for the job and one of the best place to find your ideal VA is at Vasumo. Here’s what you need to know about Vasumo.

About Vasumo

Vasumo is a well known name in the Virtual assistant industry. They are home to expertly trained VA’s coming from various parts of the globe and are only focused on one task – to make your business successful. Started in 2014, Vasumo is a popular provider for virtual assistants and who’s services are usually used in companies within New York, Toronto, and other states in the U.S. Team is made up of home-based workers with a main office located in the U.S.

Each staff member of Vasumo is well-equipped with the expertise and knowledge to perform almost any kind of administrative tasks. Every individual employee has been carefully handpicked using strict criteria of requirements such as a college degree, a good amount of experience in the said field, and a wide range of knowledge and skills in online business management.

Vasumo assistants are very much qualified to do anything that clients require. Among the commonly requested tasks out of the VA’s include website design and management, image editing for business cards, logos, materials and even posts. Also, Vasumo assistants can help clients with their video as well as audio editing and can even provide professional results that are at par with professional makers. Likewise, Vasumo assistants are experts with regard to marketing and advertising a business such as managing paid ads over social media websites, and creating videos to attract clients for a better ROI. Answering emails or calls can also be done by the assistants and even creating content that could capture the interest of any reader.

How it works

Getting started with Vasumo is as easy as signing up for an account. Once the account has been reviewed by the website and is confirmed within 24 hours, the client can immediately get started. As soon as the client is ready with all the requirements and has filled the details on his or her own profile, the website will send an email or a call regarding access to the user’s dashboard. The website will provide all the necessary information and details regarding how to use the website and how to get started right away in a project.

The unique dashboard allows users to create posts and opening for a task. This also allows the user to delegate tasks and share as well as manage files that are to be used by the assistant and the client.

Whenever creating a post, the client is required to provide all the details about the task or job. This will allow the website to screen out the best candidate from the list of the hundreds of available assistants in the company. Among the details that are necessary to finding the ideal assistant for a candidate include the desired level of proficiency in using a software or program, level of experience desired, knowledge on a certain niche or subject, quantity or volume of work involved, the expected date to receive the finished file, and so on. It is advisable to be as detailed as possible when creating posts to ensure the best match for the assistant and also to be clear regarding the tasks involved.


When it comes to pricing Vasumo can be a bit pricier than most VA service providers today. This is for the reason that their increased quality and reliability also calls for increased compensation – this means, they work harder than their competitors.

When it comes to plans and pricing, clients can choose from Economy, Business and First Class plans. The Business class plan is worth $299 a month and entitles clients to 25 hours of work with their assistants. With this, the assistants have a rate of roughly around $11 to $12 per hour.

Business class plan entitles clients to 10 hours per week of support from their assistant which totals to 40 hours in a month for $10 per hour. Although this package is a bit more expensive, it provides client with wider range of tasks covered by the assistant the level of expertise of each staff is greatly enhanced. Lastly, the First-class plans provide the best among the rest and are also the fastest since the most capable hands in the team are working for first class subscribers. First class plans cost $499 a month and entitles clients to 24-hour customer support.

Of course, although there is a considerable difference in the prices and the services, clients are provided with the same quality of work. Every finished project or task is first reviewed by the client prior to payment which means clients can’t release payment until they are satisfied with the results. This takes away the likelihood of errors or mistakes during the process.

Our final thoughts

Although the company does not offer a free trial, potential clients can simply email or call them at their contact details provided in the website for assessment and for review. This would also allow potential clients to have a consultation prior to starting a project with the website. Lastly, although the company charges a bit higher than its competitors, this is because they are confident in what they do and what they have to offer since all staff is competent VA’s with the highest level of proficiency and experience achievable.


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