Webcenture Review: Expert Assistants For Less

Business owners simply love to hire and employ virtual assistants. This is for the reason that they are can work anytime and anywhere and there is much lesser amount of money involved when employing their services. At the same time working with a virtual assistant lets you cut costs on the training and tools as well as programs to be used in managing a business since VA’s have their own resources. Plus they are well-equipped with the skills and knowledge on the latest trends in the online business management industry. While there is indeed no question regarding the usefulness of VA’s in managing a business, it is not that easy to find that ideal VA that matches a client’s requirements. One VA service provider however is known for its reliable and well-experienced VAs – and that is Webcenture. Here’s what you need to know about Webcenture.

About Webcenture

One of the youngest VA service providers over the internet is Webcenture with its launch in 2010 and is based in Mumbai India. Back then, the company has very few staff members thus they are only focused on providing services for small businesses. However through time and with the good number of applicants for a VA position with the company, they have flourished enough to entertain large businesses and even the most delicate projects and tasks. With the constant upgrades and changes through the years, Webcenture rebranded their company and targeted all kinds of businesses sizes.

With its renewed approach, Webcenture made a re-launch in 2016 with all the modern systems and programs as well as with the great number of staff. Although the team is made up of assistants coming from all across the globe, the offices are located in the UK and within the US seeing that the majority of the clients are coming from these countries and their main office is established within India. Also, by establishing offices over these countries, the website can have better information gathering ventures regarding the latest trends in the online industry.

Assistants on the other hand are carefully handpicked under strict criteria of hiring. Each of the applicants undergoes a series of tests, assessments and interviews to determine their level of proficiency and skills. One requirement of the company when hiring assistants to work with their team is that the applicant should have a considerable amount of experience regarding the field. Also, the applicant should be at least of college level and is knowledgeable of the basic online business management trends.

Getting Started

To get started working with Webcenture as a client, all you have to do is sign up for an account on either any of the plans posted on the website. As soon as you are signed up for an account and plan, the project manager will immediately contact you via email to confirm your order. Creating an order would require you to provide all necessary details regarding the project or order. When providing your order, it is best to be as detailed as possible so as to narrow down the choices of your ideal VA from the massive list of available VAs in the website. Among the details to provide include the volume or amount of work involved, the software or program that will be used to access or manage a system, the time needed to finish the work and the working hours. Clients are also able to provide any personal requirements out of their ideal VA such as the desired level of proficiency in performing a specific task or in using a certain program, the desired time available for work, the desired nationality of the VA, and many others. It is best to add any personal requirements when looking for a VA in the website as this could help improve the chances for success in a project when the client is comfortable with the VA.

As soon as the right VA is hired for a specific project, the client can then commence with instructing the VA of what needs to be done. In addition, the client can also train the assistant to customize the skills and knowledge of the assistant. Each assistant will be providing a daily report of what has been accomplished and the expected work involved on the next day. Providing such reports will allow the client to track the progress of the assistant and will let them know if the assistant is productive for their specific venture or not.

Services covered by Webcenture assistants include website management and design, SEO, image editing and graphic design, administrative tasks such as data entry and analysis, social media marketing, email handling, online research, customer support, and even personal tasks. Basically anything that can be done with a computer can be performed by each assistant from Webcenture.

When it comes to the pricing, Webcenture is much cheaper than its competitions however they make sure that their quality is at par with the expensive ones. The basic plan package is the Bronze plan which is worth $180 for 20 hours of the work with the assistant. Followed by the silver plan with $319 for 40 hours of work, Golden plan for $558 having 80 hours, Platinum plan for $957 with 160 hours and the Diamond plan which is worth $1,594 however provides 320 hours of work with the assistant which is also the full time assistant package. As the plan increases, the available discounts and perks also increases.


It is important to note that while Webcenture provides better packages and discounts for higher plans, they also offer promo codes to avail even bigger discounts when working with the website. When working with Webcenture, clients also get a 24/7 customer support assistance to constantly track the progress of the project and for consultations should the client have questions and inquiries. Also, another great thing about Webcenture is that there are no contracts involved and clients can get to work right away with their assistants plus they are able to communicate with the assistant using any medium and interface.




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